Love Starved — March 12, 2019

People need love like plants need sunshine and water.  
Musings on the nature of love and why there is so little to go around 

by Henry Makow PhD

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that a lot of people are starved for love. Toss us a scrap and we blossom.
Salespeople are the only ones who are cordial and smile. They’re paid to be friendly. “How’s your day going?”
People need love like plants need sunshine and water.  But how many are getting enough?
Are people deserving of love? I find it a struggle to love other people. (Just being human requires effort.)
Imagine if our attitude to strangers was, “I love you, brother and sister”
… instead of “get off my lawn.”
Jesus loved the lepers, so we should be able to love our fellow man. If people were perfect, love would be easy.
That was his teaching. Love your neighbour as yourself.  
Is that where the problem lies? We don’t love ourselves.
Love yourself/ Be your own best friend has become a cliche but there’s something to it.  A starving person cannot be expected to feed others. Why don’t we love ourselves?
Because we don’t respect ourselves. If we did, we wouldn’t need outside affirmation.
How do we earn our own Self-respect?
By serving our Master, God who speaks to us through our soul.



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