Exit From Brexit, The Jo Cox Departure – Part 1 to 4

Richard Hall – YouTube March 1, 2019

4 responses to “Exit From Brexit, The Jo Cox Departure – Part 1 to 4”

  1. A fantastic investigation by Richard Hall from Richplanet. It shows that our intelligence services and government are as crooked as a sidewinding snake. We only have to look at 9/11 and Iraq and their WMD to know that.

  2. Extremely well researched.
    I agree with the possible motives that you outline in the film.
    Deception is the order of the day!
    Gone are the days when motive, means and opportunity
    were the guidelines of detection.
    We need more of Sherlock Holmes and less belief in the ‘architects of chaos’.

  3. Brilliant work on this tricky subject.
    I do not put anything past our rulers and the MSM when it comes to deception and the setting up of desired , by them , narratives . I think the first time the deeds of the rulers behind the curtain come out into the open , and it took years , was the JFK assassination and we have had many since then .
    Well done indeed to RICHPLANET for sticking his neck out and revealing to us a very likely alternative to we have been fed by the establishment

  4. Great, very interesting. who know’s what going on. It’s all f– up. We’re in a world of hurt.