Tommy Robinson to face fresh contempt of court proceedings

Introduction – March 8, 2019

Tommy Robinson was originally detained and imprisoned for simply reporting on the activities of a grooming gang. Click to enlarge

The attorney general, Geoffrey Cox, has decided to bring further proceedings against Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.
This website DOES NOT support Robinson. However, the case against him makes a mockery of claims that we live is a “free country”.
Robinson was originally detained and arrested for reporting on the trial of a grooming gang charged with the gang rape of an underage girl. He was not allowed bail and sentenced to two years imprisonment for contempt of court.
Meanwhile the four members of grooming-gang, one of whom absconded while on bail, were all found guilty and sentenced.
The case against Robinson has serious implications for freedom of speech in the UK. The authorities are now obviously doing all in their power to silence the man. What he says resonates with a growing number of people and his persecution, for that’s what this amounts too, is going to make a few more realise that our “freedom” is an illusion.
Our “free press” is owned and controlled by vested interests that work hand-in-glove with the state under stringent guidelines. Those who won’t tow the line are effectively silenced. Like Robinson, who was detained, held without trial and imprisoned for contravening those rules. It is the stuff of pure totalitarianism, nothing less. Ed.

The world is watching this state persecution – more details on persecution and charges against me

Tommy Robinson – YouTube March 7, 2019

4 responses to “Tommy Robinson to face fresh contempt of court proceedings”

  1. Britain is without doubt a full blown police state…..which chooses to persecute nationalists and allows tens of thousands of third world invaders to enter BRITAIN every year…..What you can say with certainty is this will ultimately destroy Britain….and the people responsible will upstakes and move to the USA….Sir Richard Branstein has already established a hopping off point.
    You can’t help wondering that the elites want things to blow up by reducing the number of police.

  2. God bless you Tommy,the whole of true England is behind you,filthy, satanic dogs are victimising our daughters and son’s and this sadistic, pathetic excuse for a government let them do it,the old game,divide and conquer.Know that there are millions of people behind you, fight the good fight, you are a true Patriot,best regards Matty.

  3. Tommy Robinson nor any of his 5 aliases says the right things, but he and the jewess Jayda Frantzen are paid by the jews to ferment trouble, yes what he says is corect.
    If you want a genuine person look on youtube for Jez Turner he is the real mc coy

  4. Note:The elites would prefer a conflict between Robinstein and the leftists….It would be a great distraction from the stabbing epidemic which THEY CAUSED by flooding Britain with MILLIONS from the third world.
    Infact demonstrators should place NO.10 Downing Street under siege….scale the fences and block access…..after all the British Zio Govt have caused so many problems for modern Britain.
    A demonstration outside the British Secret Police HQ (MI5) would be good too….trouble is Britain’s “free press”….would be highly unlikely to report it.