Genocidal Hatred Now Extends to all Whites – March 6, 2019

(Above: short video documents Cabalist hate of Germans)
I am either an alarmist crackpot or a visionary. My parents survived the holocaust by posing as non-Jews and my grandparents were murdered. I don’t want this fate to befall anyone. I am raising the alarm because the world is controlled by a satanic death cult — Jewish Cabalism (Freemasonry. Illuminati) — that is preparing another holocaust under the guise of a Third World War to consolidate the NWO.  This cult has a propensity for genocide and Donald Trump is a member.  When migrants from the Third World are flooding into our countries, when most TV commercials promote miscegenation, when an heir to the British throne marries a mixed-race woman, and pledges to raise “gender fluid” children, it’s clear the Illuminati are dispossessing people of European descent. Dispossession is the start of genocide. I’d rather be a crackpot but fear I’m not.
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2 responses to “Genocidal Hatred Now Extends to all Whites”

  1. Someone caused an enormous Kerfuffel a few years ago, by find-replacing the text of that book so all references to ‘Germany” became ‘Israel” and the word ‘German’ became ‘jewish’ and publishing it as “Israel Must Die”.

    (((Their))) hysteria at this shows something fundamental.

    I think that it underlines the blatant ‘projection’ employed in jewish thinking – ie because They want to enslave/murder all of us they claim that we (the Gernams) intend the same to them. In fact the whole ‘Evil Nazi’ narrative reflects closely Their attitudes and intentions.

    But there IS some ‘good’ advice re permanently eliminating a race/tribe that is become pathological…

  2. The plan, undeniable FACT is the Germany is the real “Judah.” always has been always will be. Roger Hathaway says, and I agree . .

    Christians are the body of Christ. Edomite Jews are the body of Satan – simple as that. The eternal contest is between these two groups. The same hatred which Esau felt toward Jacob is still felt by Jews toward the white-race today, and that contest has defined the course of our Israelite history for nearly 4,000 years.
    What we Israelite Christians need to understand regarding the Jews is that God has given them dominion over His children at this present time. We cannot defeat Satan’s children by challenging their lordship over this world, nor did Jesus even suggest we war against them. This is the time of their power, as designed by God. This time of Jewish exploitation serves God’s purpose, as we are tested and tried and even murdered innocently.
    This is a time of strengthening for God’s children, and should also be a time of wising-up. We should become “as wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” That is Jesus’ advice!
    The serpent represents Satan and his race; we should become aware of their diabolical cleverness so we can avoid being attracted to the lures which draw us into their clutches.
    This world of physical material reality, with its technological wonders and modern conveniences, is the achievement of the Beast of Revelation: Satan. As we are attracted to all the worldly delights of Satan’s inventions, our lives become nothing more than working careers, living to make payments for land, houses, cars, toys, and sensual delights.
    We, thereby, become goyim/cattle which the Jews farm and milk as they wish. We have wandered away from our Godly values and have become prodigal again. The Jews, who exploit us and cheat us and enslave us are performing their proper functions, and we can blame no one but ourselves for chasing after their lures. What’s more, this design of God serves His purpose, whereby the genetic strain of His Israelite race is strengthened, culling out the weak, preparing us for the great responsibility of governing the Kingdom of God during the ages to come.
    If one follows the courses of races in the Bible, one sees that Esau joined with the evil race of Cain. The enmity and hatred of Cain toward Abel was renewed with that war of Esau against Jacob, and continues today as the war of the Edomite “Jews” against white-race Christians, who are the REAL Jacob.
    When Jesus says that the “Jews” are the “synagogue of Satan,” He is continuing His indictment of them which he clearly stated in John 8 when He told them that God is not their father, but that they were murderers and liars, out of their father, the Devil, whose very nature is to lie.
    Christians need to be confronted with the appalling fact that today’s Synagogue of Satan, hold within their books that the Holy Name of Jesus be splattered with excrement. I can’t think of any other diabolical creed on earth that would stoop so low or be more deserving of exposure. Israel, whatever its pretensions, is a country and Judaism is a religion.
    It was Jesus’ attempt to expose the Jews for their fraud that got Jesus killed, as have so many who have also tried today. “Crucify Him,” demanded the Jews of Pilate, “His blood be upon us and upon our children.” This, the ‘Deicidal Curse’ the Jews called down upon themselves and their children, hangs heavily upon the heads of every Talmudic Jew today and they know it . .