12 American Marines Executed in Fallujah

We cannot verify any of the following, but because the Coalition are being less than forthcoming over events in Iraq, and in light of the fact that they have already lied over Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, we publish the Iraqi resistance version of events, so as to provide a broader picture. Ed

Fallujah exploded Monday morning prompting hours of fighting in the northern district of Jolan when a US Military patrol fired on civilians returning to their homes under the terms of the ceasefire agreement. US snipers had taken up took up position on adjacent buildings by the time Iraqi Resistance fighters arrived at the scene of the carnage that killed several woman and children at approximately 11:00. What followed was a fierce battle that left 12 Americans soldiers and several others wounded.

According to details, the Rantissi Brigade, an Iraq resistance group named in honor of the late leader of Hamas who was murdered by Israeli forces, managed to surrounded a small unit of US soldiers.

Taking them captive, they took the twelve to the roof of a nearby building and systematically shot them, throwing the bodies from the roof top to the ground below.

U.S. Marines fired 81-millimeter mortars on the building to prevent Resistance fighters from leaving however they managed to escape without incident. Eventually Cobra helicopters and AC- 130 Spectre gun ships leveled the building.

US military sources have so far reported only one US Marine dead and eight others wounded.
Courtesy Steve Adams