Russia Will Pay $14,000 in Cash to Families Who Have 3 or More Children (Putin Video)

Russia Insider – March 4, 2019

Russia is one of the few white countries, Hungary is another, which are taking a serious attitude to turning birthrates positive. These countries, unlike the US and Western Europe, understand that if they don’t, they will cease to exist, overrun by immigrants who will replace their culture.

Media controlled by Jewish elites is busy convincing Western populations that this would be a good thing.

Watch Putin explain why he thinks his policy is important.


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3 responses to “Russia Will Pay $14,000 in Cash to Families Who Have 3 or More Children (Putin Video)”

  1. Wow! Wonderful

  2. If Russia can only put family and children before crass and plundering Western materialism, then it will have a future and the deliberate privation caused by the US-led Anglo-Zionist cabal will serve only to make that nation stronger.

  3. Great news from V.Putin to Russian families and the rest of the World.
    Please Vlad, just don’t keep those nukes aimed at the rest of us or you may just have the only white population left on the planet.
    Just kidding Vlad, I believe you are doing something positive for Russian families and I love the peck on the cheek.
    Glory and Peace to Russia.