Shock & horror: Anti-Semitism spreads to China

Irish Savant – March 2, 2019

All right-minded people will be saddened to learn that the growing scourge of anti-Semitism has now spread to China. One Jewish writer saysI live in China, and in the last few weeks I’ve been alarmed at the amount of antisemitic propaganda being published by Baidu News. Baidu is China’s equivalent of Google, so it reaches a truly enormous readership, and is state owned.‘ He goes on to cite two reports, one of which essentially denies that the Holocaust  happened, and claims that the number of Jews really killed numbered only in the “tens of thousands.”
Another article claims, wait for it, that ‘the Jews themselves have responsibility for the Holocaust for being too greedy and self-interested. The truth is that Hitler never slaughtered the Jews. Hitler broke the financial dragon egg in order to establish the values ​​of labor. He did indeed shoot a few financial oligarchs, but did not massacre the Jews. 
And a new best-seller called Currency Wars has really set the cat among the pigeons. The book’s author, Song Hongbing, claims that behind world-changing events like the battle of Waterloo, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, President Kennedy’s assassination, and the deep recession in Asia during the 1990s stood an intricate conspiracy aimed at increasing Jews’ wealth and influence. In fact he claims that almost every defining historical moment has been instigated by Jewish bankers, and mainly the Rothschild family, which Song says dominates the global banking system, including the US Federal Reserve System.
And the Chinese are supposed to be clever. How the hell did they get those crazy ideas? Incidentally the articles and the associated comments provide an insight into the sperg-like amorality of the Chinese mind which assesses profound moral issues like genocide and treason in strictly utilitarian terms. I’d hate to be at the mercy of these guys.
Like the Africans soon will be.



2 responses to “Shock & horror: Anti-Semitism spreads to China”

  1. Methinks Mr Irish you have been taken in if you believe this shock/horror has just now come to China. I have a vague memory on reading some years ago as to usuary booklets being the most popular then.
    Mr Hongbing of course could be right as to current reading. But you Mr Irish most likely are well aware as to who controls narrative. The people who introduced Mr Mao to China are most likely the very same as those who introduced Mr Cromwell to Ireland.

    My thinking for many a long year was to think America was to be sucked dry of its very life. Those who suckle no doubt had a new host in mind as we now see the point system of net thought to herd sheep. Swansong perhaps if this singer sings a wee bit too melodious.

    PS. The silk road which may have started the war to end wars may well have been a continuation of those opium wars…Such a shame really as such a nobel people were teachers turned junkie for usuary..
    Do you really think someone is not watching this “new” silk road?

  2. Interesting what is happening in China. It will be difficult for the Zionist organizations to silence the Chinese. I imagine that part of the equation involving the growth of Chinese antisemitism is that the Chinese Holocaust at the hand of the Japanese is not well covered in the western press , media, and cinema where only the Jewish Holocaust is presented . Interestingly enough even if one accepts the 6 million death figure for the Jews at the hands of the Nazis, the Chinese Holocaust is several factors higher probably in the 25 -30+ million range if not higher. Of course many may argue it was the way ( i.e. Gas Chambers etc. ) that the bulk of the Jews met their fate and not necessarily the number. A counter argument can include the fact large numbers of Chinese met their gory deaths by the most offensive killing procedures in camp Unit 731 and other camps. What I am trying to convey that the suffering of no one group should take precedence over another group’s suffering on the technicality involving the mode of execution. This is obvious in my opinion.
    While the tens of thousands of Jewish deaths as suggested by this article may be somewhat small it is closer to the average Holocaust Revisionist figures of 750,000 to 1 million+. Time will show that the red cross figures of Jews dying in these camps jives fairly well with these estimates. In retrospect whether we have a Jewish Holocaust of 1 million or 6 million should not matter as both of these are rather large numbers and are Holocausts. HOWEVER when one considers the never ending Holocaust reparations involving a number of Zionist organization then numbers do matter significantly.
    It is my opinion that the rise of Holocaust Revisionism is a reaction to the rise of the HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY where (1) there are endless monetary reparations sort out by various Zionist organizations (2) the incessant media broadcasting of the Jews only Holocaust (3) the use of the Holocaust as a political weapon , (4) the use of the Holocaust as a shield for Israeli policy against the Palestinians as well as against a number of countries. With such intense media attention it is only natural that a number of intelligent people began to look at the programmed history of this event. …and the problem was that they found way too many holes in the story. In my opinion Holocaust Revisionism may serve in part as a defense against the weapon of the Holocaust being used as a bludgeoning weapon against humanity.
    The revisionists will like so much to debate the Holocaust supporters in an open and fair debate but the supporters refrain from doing such on the grounds that (1) the Holocaust standard history is ” obvious ” and that the revisionists are anti -Semites ( this tactic serves as a race card ). (2 ) and that a debate would be insulting to those murdered in the so called Holocaust. In my opinion this response is obviously an avoidance tactic to stifle the revealing of the truth.