Afrikaner Genocide: Harbinger for the West? — March 2, 2019

South Africa, Welkom, 1990: AWB - Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, march in Welkom. Racism, rally. procession, white supremacy, apartheid, political party.. Photograph: Graeme Williams/South Photograph

Afrikaner organize.

Below, I am reposting a 2016 article by Charlotte Visser about the plight of Africaners today. Can we extrapolate? Is this the fate awaiting the white race in the West?   
Recently I interviewed an Africaner who served in the South African army in the 1980’s. He says the Boers are planning an armed insurrection. They are only waiting for a “catalyst.” He says the black South African government is planning their genocide. Catalyst? They must act in self-defence because any aggressive act might be used as an excuse for this genocide. 
He says atrocities against Africaners take place daily. Children are being raped and killed in front of their parents who are then brutally murdered. The killers are not prosecuted. But if a white person disrespects a black person, he is charged with a crime. Recently a white woman killed a black man during a violent carjacking. She is charged with murder.  Not one Jewish organization has spoken out against these atrocities. (I’d like to know if non-Africaner whites are being spared this treatment?) My source says these liberals are next.
Charlotte Visser: “You see, I have been one of those white liberals I now so much despise. My eyes have opened. I see my people suffering. I cannot believe that I was oblivious for so long to the genocide being perpetrated on us.”
Being Afrikaner in South Africa today is like being a Jew in 1930’s Germany, without the worldwide network of sympathy and support.
But whites everywhere (except for Russia) could face this predicament if Zionist bankers continue to use migration, gender dysfunction and “white guilt” to increase their hegemony.  Anyone who resists Zionist hegemony is an “anti Semite” marked for liquidation.
from Mar 23 1016

by Charlotte Visser — (

I have started to take a more keen interest in my country’s current affairs. It is amazing when you open your eyes how the pieces of the puzzle start to fit into each other. At times I feel like a crazy woman.
Every day now there is at least one white farmer murdered. Every day I open my Facebook account and there is another report. Since the 5th of March, there have been 12 white farmers murdered. Four of them belonged to a whole white family which was wiped out. A mother, a father, a grandfather visiting from England and a nine-year-old daughter.
The little girl’s body was found in the shed outside. She probably ran away to hide and they tracked her down and killed her. They were all bludgeoned to death. As usual, nothing much was stolen. The liberal mainstream newspapers reported it might be because of a wage dispute, even blaming the father for perhaps being a racist. It actually made the mainstream news because it was a whole family wiped out at once and it would definitely seem strange to most folks still living with their eyes closed if something was at least not said.


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