Why the ‘Left’ is Dead in the Water

Gilad Atzmon — gilad.co.uk Feb 28, 2019

It seems that there is not much left of the Left and what remains has nothing to do with ‘Left.’
Contemporary  ‘Left’ politics is detached from its natural constituency, working people. The so called ‘Left’ is basically a symbolic identifier for ‘Guardian readers’  a critical expression attributed to middle class people who, for some reason, claim to know what is good for the working class. How did this happen to the Left? Why was it derailed and by whom?
Hierarchy is one answer. The capitalist and the corporate worlds operate on an intensely hierarchical basis. The path to leadership within a bank, management of a globally trading company or even high command in the military is of an evolutionary nature. Such power is acquired by a challenging climb within an increasingly  demanding system. It is all about the survival of the fittest. Every step entails new challenges. Failure at any step could easily result in a setback or even a career end. In the old good days, the Left also operated on a hierarchical system. There was a long challenging path from the local workers’ union to the national party. But the Left is hierarchical no more.
Left ideology, like working class politics, was initially the byproduct of the industrial revolution. It was born to address the needs and demands of a new emerging class; those who were working day and night to make other people richer.  In the old days, when Left was a meaningful adventure, Left politicians grew out of workers’ unions. Those who were distinguished in representing and improving the conditions of their fellow workers made it to the trade unions and eventually into the national parties. None of that exists anymore.
In a world without manufacturing, the working class have been removed from the consumption chain and demoted into an ‘under class.’ The contemporary Left politician has nothing to do with the workless people let alone the workless class.  The unions are largely defunct.  You won’t find many Labour politicians who have actually worked in factories and mixed with working people for real. No contemporary Left politician including Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders is the product of a struggle through a highly demanding hierarchical system as such a system hasn’t really existed within the Left  for at least four decades.
In most cases, the contemporary Left politician is a middle class university activist groomed through party politics activity. Instead of fighting for manufacturing and jobs, the Left has embraced the highly divisive identitarian battle.  While the old Left tended to unite us by leading the fight against the horrid capitalists rather than worrying about  whether you were a man or a woman, black or white, Jew or Muslim, gay or hetero, our present-day ‘Left’ actually promotes racial differences and divisions as it pushes people to identify with their biology (skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, Jewish maternal gene etc.) If the old Left united us against the capitalists, the contemporary ‘Left’ divides us and uses the funds it collects from capitalist foundations such as George Soros’ Open Society Institute.
The British Labour party is a prime example of this. It is deaf to the cry of the lower classes. It claims to care ‘for the many’ but in practice is only attentive to a few voices within the intrusive Israeli Lobby. As Britain is struggling with the crucial debate over Brexit, British Labour has been focused instead on spurious  allegations of ‘antisemitsm.’  It is hard to see how any Left political body in the West even plans to bring more work to the people. The Left offers nothing in the way of a vision of a better society for all.  It is impossible to find the Left within the contemporary ‘Left.’
Why has this happened to the Left, why has it become irrelevant?  Because by now the Left is a non-hierarchical system. It is an amalgam of uniquely ungifted people who made politics into their ‘career.’ Most Left politicians have never worked at a proper job where money is exchanged for merit, achievements or results. The vast majority of Left politicians have never faced the economic  challenges associated with the experience of being adults. Tragically such people can’t lead a country, a city, a borough or even a village.
The Left had a mostly positive run for about 150 years. But its role has come to an end as the condition of being in the world has been radically transformed. The Left failed to adapt. It removed itself from the universal ethos.
The shift in our human landscape has created a desperate need for a new ethos: a fresh stand point that will reinstate the Western Athenian ethical and universal roots and produce a new canon that aspires for truth and truthfulness as opposed to the current cancerous tyranny of correctness.



Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

4 responses to “Why the ‘Left’ is Dead in the Water”

  1. I found myself mentally correcting, or better, adding a caviet, to Gilads description – whenever he mentioned “the left’ – I felt that his depiction of the ‘Left’ only really applied to the left before/without Marxism.

    The left With Marxism was a very ugly, destructive thing – The worst thing was it indoctrinated people with the Conviction that they were ‘exploited’ etc – It tried to instill a fundamental dissatisfaction and unhappiness and resentfullness into the ‘working class’ –
    It set out to make working people unhappy for the simple goal of turning them into a ‘revolutionary mass’ it could use to achieve power.

  2. “While the old Left tended to unite us by leading the fight against the horrid capitalists…” “Unite us” by prompting division? Are not “capital” and “labor” complementary factors of production? Are not “capitalists” and “laborers” members of the same society? How does predicating a political program on permanent hostility between them “unite” anything?

    Then we are told that “Most Left politicians have never worked at a proper job where money is exchanged for merit…” So, apparently, those “laborers” with “a proper job” are not, after all, engaged in a “fight against the horrid capitalists”, but are united with “the horrid capitalists” in a mutually satisfactory quid pro quo arrangement.

    Obviously, the premises of this article need to be re-examined.

  3. Dear Gilad Atzmon: Enjoy your articles. Your Latest is really good. The old labour aristocracy is gone. The NWO Elite wants us all to become LUMPENIZED and live in 4th World status. in a World state without borders ultimately. Capitalism has no answer to the conundrum of the ever present “Realization Crisis” of Overproduction of Commodities and under “consumption” due to ever increasing “Globalization” and Immiseration.. Their “discovery”(RE-DISCOVERY) of “Self-Expanding Capital” in 1987 and the “Information Revolution” are supposed to patch over all internal countradictions in the system. WAR is the ultimate answer, but it will end in Bankruptcy. Finally, “THE REALITY” of the “ZIO-DREAM-MERCHANTS” will fall and we’ll awaken at last to REALITY THE HOODWINK will finally end.

  4. The “liberal left” or “commie” ideology comes straight out of the TALMUD and the KABBALAH, the books these creatures read at the synagogue just down the road from you. It tells them to work towards “Tikkun Olam”, or “righting the wrongs of the world”. According to them, It is wrong for them to not have total control over everyone and everything, so they must make it right…….all makes sense now doesn’t it? The crazy behavoir is indoctrinated into them from the day they are born.

    Some can handle it and are sly and sneaky, even joining Christian churches or right wing groups and political parties….but trust me they are there to make sure the groups do not gain any traction against their plans and keep everyone going in all directions. They get whites focused on problems THEY have created like immigration, muslims and financial matters. In turn, they FUND these problems on the left (and right) to justify any actions they take. The ultimate goal though is to keep everyone fighting each other and not focused on the real enemy, which is their satanic seed.

    The militia movement has been totally infiltrated and is pro israel (michigan militia). The right has been infiltrated by such agents as MILO (jew fag) and well spoken shysters like Ben Shapiro who will attack the left and pretend he is on your side. People need to step back and really watch what these pricks are saying and doing. They promote each other only and are a very tight knit group.

    If you join ANY GROUP the first course of action is to find out who the satanic jews are, and get them out of there. EDUCATE fellow group members about their actions and how they operate. Nothing will change as long as these assholes have any say in anything.

    The left are crazy psychopathic jews, like Pearlman who follow the Talmud and Kabbalah, which teaches them everyone else is a piece of shit dumb goyim, unless they help the jews in some way to their “Tikkun Olam” goal. The jews that can hold their shit together join the conservatives as SPIES and agents of world jewry to deflect and steer the non jews away from figuring out what is going on.

    Put it this way, if it were eskimos doing this shit, you would all notice it right away.

    Who else can get away with screaming “for the children” yet be 100% pro abortion? They are PSYCHOPATHS people with a burning hatred for anyone white, mostly men, because we actually figured them out and stood up to them 2 times in the last 100 years…..in RUSSIA and GERMANY. If it wasn’t for Americans being unaware of the Talmudic jewish problem, and helping the jews…..the world would be a better place.