Every…. fx!*(ing …. time

Irish Savant – Feb 28, 2019

The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) is arguably the single most destructive, malevolent, nation-wrecking Government agency in Britain. Ostensibly aimed at improving standards of education, it was quickly weaponised against the native population, becoming the enforcer of an anti-White, anti-male and anti-Christian ideology while promoting multiculturalism, Islam, diversity, early sexualisation of children and White guilt. Its Common-Purpose inspired ‘inspectors’ aren’t objective fact-diggers but rather robotic ideologues mercilessly mangling facts to fit their narrative while  discarding any that even slightly subverts it. Preparing British students with the skills, knowledge and reasoning ability to prosper in today’s world must surely rank close to the bottom of Ofsted’s priorities.

Pupils at Middle Rasen Primary School in Lincolnshire. Click to enlarge

Regular reader Cognitive Dissonance sent me this link of an Ofsted Report which said pupils at Middle Rasen Primary School in Lincolnshire lacked ‘first-hand experience’ of modern British society. It said pupils should interact with ‘counterparts from different backgrounds’ and warned ominously that ‘very few’ at the 104-pupil school are from ethnic groups. Which would surprise nobody other than an Ofsted inspector given that Middle Rasen is 97% White. For now anyway.
This is par for the course for Ofsted. For example a Christian school in Reading was warned it could face closure for failing to invite imams and other religious leaders to take assemblies. There have of course been no reports of Muslim schools been criticised for not inviting Christian priests to address their assemblies.
Ofsted being a textbook example of Alinskey / Frankfurt School nation-wrecking that I wondered whether The Tribe were particularly active there. Why did I wonder? The Chairman is one Julius Weinberg while the Chief Executive is Amanda Spielman who has said in an interview with the Jewish Chronicle: “Passover and New Year have been part of my life ever I since I married” her Jewish husband 22 years ago.


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  1. So what are we going to do about it? My 12 year old is at school just east of Newcastle and they don’t have christian prayers or assemblies anymore. Is RE homework consists of questions on Islam,judasm and sikhism but never Christianity. Oh and just to show how multiculturalism doesn’t work all the white kids and kids of Asian descent are constantly fighting. The Asian kids are predominantly from the West End of Newcastle which is a rough area anyway and chase all the white kids of the football pitches during breaks. My son has suffered unbelievable racist abuse being called “white scum” and being told to “get out of their country” I’m not joking. If I complain I will be called a racist no doubt and life will be made difficult for my boy. Lord knows what will happen next year when I tell the school to shove their vaccinations up their arse.