Facebook Banned anti-war journalist Ryan Dawson again

Ryan Dawson – Anti-Neocon Report Feb 20, 2019

Right after getting a strike on my YouTube and an attack on my google adsense, I was banned from Facebook within the same 24hr period. Facebook of course has no appeals process and they can ban you for whatever they feel like. I was banned Feb 19, 2019 for a month for posting a picture in 2012 of an Israeli sniper bragging about his kills.

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It is simply a screen shot from his twitter. The comments below it were of course condemning the actions. Facebook is supporting war criminals. I have routinely been labeled “anti-Semitic” for the “crime” of speaking out against snipers shooting and killing children. Vimeo took it upon themselves to steal $5000 in profits from my movie sales and then deleted my account that I had for 6 years with them and 590 videos. All my customers lost access to their videos.

One reason is the SPLC scours the websites of targeted individuals, anti-Zionists and anti-war journalists in particular and mass flags things for removal. This if the 4th February in a row that I have been banned on Facebook. Ever year in March I attended the Israeli Lobby Con in Washington DC. I fly there all the way from Japan. And every year before I arrive I am banned across several supposedly unrelated social media platforms.

There is absolutely an organized effort to shut down journalist covering such anti-AIPAC events. Israel is using the AIPAC to bribe congress and the ADL and SPLC to smear people online and shut down dissidents. They will go after your social media, your payment processors, and even your hosts if you publish what Zionists don’t want. The recent bi-partisan gang up on congressmen Omar for suggesting Israeli influence over congress through AIPAC, showed that it certainly isn’t Russia who has undue influence over American politicians it is Israel. Israel can do anything it wants, racial apartheid, home confiscations, home demolitions, racial segregation, arson, murder, torture, annexation, and the US will do nothing but make excuses and give them more money.

The US congress is morally vapid.  The media is possibly worse. They call MAGA hats racist but support policies that led to open air slave trade in Libya. They know that Israel is exclusively fighting Assad and the Syrian army in Syria, that they are targeting  positions on behalf of ISIS, and nothing is said. The US and Israel quite overtly aided Al Qaeda groups in Syria. It is in their own DIA documents, it is admitted by the Secretary of State as well as internal emails. Fighting Israel’s enemies in the Middle East was so important that the US sided with Al Qaeda.

We in the Alt media need to band together. From Whatreallyhappened.com to The Joe Rogan Experience to antiwar.com 

We have to fight censorship. We have seen it on Patreon, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, Twitch, Vimeo, and more.

I have a suggestion, join VK to replace Facebook, use Bitchute instead of YouTube, Maybe gab or discord to avoid twitter, and try Asiapay or transpay to get around Paypal.

Here Free film about Syria. Everyone should know the Israeli hand behind the entire Syrian War.