Karma is the Level of our Ignorance in Action, in Search of an End to It

Visible Origami – Feb 18, 2019

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There are many agendas, themes and peculiarities afoot at these times. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, in this city that once hosted the flagship, First Church of Satan. Karma accounts, to a great extent, for what most everyone thinks, says and does, as well as where they may be living and what happens to them. People go about their business each day, without very often thinking about why that happens to be their business. People argue about the reality or illusion of God and assuredly about the composition of the incomprehensible. As we have maintained here for as long as we have been around here in this particular performance of ‘our business’; the God that the atheists do not believe in does not exist. Seldom does anyone argue about the presence of The Sun in the sky but there would be no life on this planet without the presence of the sun. The following can be stated as true, “given that the sun is in the sky; every manifest life form is composed of frozen sunlight, or sunlight in extension.”
If you were familiar with the specific composition of the vibration that accounts for the identity of any manifest thing, chances are you would be familiar with the ether they all vibrate upon and chances are you might be familiar with the means by which the vibration of anything can be changed into anything else and if you were a person inspired by the right forces, you would first apply this understanding to yourself rather than to making gold out of anything else. One might say that Karma is the display of your particular level of ignorance in search of a lessening and a lightening; should you be inspired by the right forces, or force. “Success is speedy for the energetic”. Everything is for the purpose of demonstration, including that which motivates all demonstrations. Seek ye first etc.
Last night I watched “Free Solo”. Please note that accomplishments of this order as always possible to anyone in possession of the requisite amount of Faith, Certitude and Determination. I will state with true conviction that actions of this nature, as well as actions of a much greater nature are in the process of completion every day, though many of them occur unseen and are not engaged in for the purpose of being seen by the eyes of the profane. I should here point out that it is impossible for them to be seen by the eyes of the profane in any case. This… of course might lead us to a contemplation of the meaning of becoming as a little child, as well as the dynamics of seeing through a glass darkly and the awareness of this and similar hindrances, all being the result of a lack of awareness.
It is altogether possible for another to see through our eyes. I submit that this already is taking place at all times, though in most cases this occurs without our being aware of it …but… we will be made aware of it at that point where we are engaged in a discussion concerning our behavior at all the times when we imagined ourselves unobserved. This is why there is nothing which is hidden and why all will be revealed at the proper time. Individuals like Jussie Smollet are behaving as they are for the purpose of example, through the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse, for the edification of one and all, as well as a warning to all that such things are no longer going to go the way that some have intended they would.
You will perhaps remember that we here stated that this was the case in the first place. It is altogether possible for any of us to see as clearly into anything else, as we are capable of seeing clearly into ourselves, which is one of the results of self inquiry. I suggest that the fruits of self inquiry span every possibility of fruits that ever may be and most assuredly result in ambrosia at some point.
Mr Apocalypse has addressed the gear shift and his conveyance is now operating in a higher gear than was previously the case. On the one hand, the coverings previously concealing all manner of crimes and deceptions are being pulled away from the items formerly hidden and consonant with this is the occurrence of a general awakening in the general population as, slowly they turn and step by step what comes into view proves to be something other than Niagara Falls.
Personally I have little interest in anyone climbing any physical mountain, even when it is done without the benefit of anything more than chalk and La Sportiva shoes. I do admire the level of conditioning and strength training that was required to even attempt such a thing. My personal interests of this nature have to do with less easily seen mountains but this was no mean feat. I do think that eventually his girlfriend is going to get him killed if he doesn’t pay attention. This is not meant as a criticism of his girlfriend. Quite simply, one cannot afford distractions in this theater of enterprise. There are other points I might make here but I will leave it to the reader to intuit what I am leaving out, though it still has to do with the aforementioned.
In no way am I seeking to diminish this accomplishment. I have no love for soccer whatsoever but I can see that there are people who do and I’ve no desire to denigrate them. I don’t think one way or another about people enjoying things I have no use for. Much of what I engage in most people have no use for. I studied the main protagonist in the film and I could see those qualities in him that made what he did possible. I love that what he did shows what is possible for those with the drive, commitment AND SKILL necessary to accomplish it. Not everyone might do the same for any number of reasons but ALL OF US have some area of enterprise in which we can excel and it’s a damn shame that more people are not motivated accordingly.
This planet is a massive graveyard of wasted lives, yet over and over again, we return to one folly after another; one appetite after another, one desire after another and we are free to do this, by the way. It is no accident that all of the soldiers on every battlefield are there. It is no accident that anything happens to or for anyone. In some ways it can seem that we are prisoners of forces beyond our control but there are avenues of freedom, that run like exits from the highway, all along the course of our journey through life and every one of them has to do with self discovery. The essential purpose of life is self discovery and the limitless freedom that attends it.
One can look to any side of them and see examples of what happens when one goes this way or that way. One can clearly see individuals headed for an unfortunate end on any given day. One can see entire populations and cultures where this is true. In some cases it is a handful of Judas Goats leading them to destruction. In some cases it is the servants of the enemy of all good things who have, through certain mechanisms, captured the attention of the people.
Over and over and in every way that is possible for me, I wish to repeat certain specific things. There is great opportunity available to any who might make themselves aware of it. It may be that this world, as we know it, is headed for certain destruction but that need not be the case for everyone. There is a particular destiny in play in these times. We might look at the whole of existence as being carried out on an intricate multi dimensional highway; level upon level is filled with vehicles whose GPS has been programmed to a particular end. A variety of apertures, portals and the like, appear as a direct result of each and every road and these may be considered as the doors of destiny that are the predictable outcome of what each highway leads to. Exquisite joy and awful torment are both there to be had by anyone who will move in the direction necessary and engage in the efforts required to acquire them. In many instances it could well be that the traveler has no idea of what awaits them. They ought to but their sight is blinded by the veils of dancing allurements, which promise what they cannot deliver and which are the age old deceptions inherent in the exercise of appetite or the pursuit of desire.
For me there is nothing left to do but to repeat certain things, regardless of whether any attention is paid to them. Just as there is nothing for me but to pursue the ever present portal of eternal love and divine luminous wisdom. By comparison with them, everything else seems like vain and painful exercises of futility. These are truths that I have already proven to myself and have lost all interest in proving to myself again. I realize that I am walking through a graveyard and that I am surrounded by people on their way to death, in one form or another, and who choose to employ every avenue of distraction available to them to keep the truth of this at bay.
I took the time, more than enough time, to research all of the alternatives to the direction I have taken and I found them all to be bankrupt of every useful thing except experience and regret. One I am grateful to be in the possession of and the other I have absolutely no use for. I have no desire for insisting that I am right. I have no desire to argue with anyone about anything. I am simply going on my way and wishing the very best for everyone; knowing that the time will come for them to come into the possession of it in the very shape most appealing to them, when they consider the eternity to be spent in the experience of it. Everything was scripted a long time ago and everything leads to the end result that is certain for every specific thing. Intention defines us and has everything to do with direction taken and locations arrived at. It all works out in the end. I simply wish, in my case, for that end to be sooner rather than later.
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