The verdict is in: Trump’s a busted flush

Irish Savant – Feb 17, 2019

If the analysis (by Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan among others)  of the latest Bill that Trump signed is accurate then indeed we can finally put the last nail in the coffin of the Trump Revolution. Because that Bill appears to expressly forbid the building of The Wall, contains a de facto amnesty and opens the door to massive future immigration abuse through ‘family reunion’, ‘legal immigration’ and other such loopholes. Nothing has been done about the H1B visa scam which is devastating the employment prospects of American STEM graduates and changing forever the demographic profile of the country.
It might seem melodramatic but I don’t see a way back for the USA. The demographic trend is inexorable and will go into overdrive with this new Bill. In the next Presidential election it should mean that Texas, Georgia and Florida will tip to the Dems which will result in the borders being thrown open even more widely. If that’s possible. Realistically Republicans might never control Congress or the Presidency again. Which in turn means the Dems will flood the courts and alphabet agencies with their own apparatchiks. And America becomes Brazil or Mexico within a few generations.
It’s true that there’s little between the two parties in practice. The quintessential Republican to my mind is a Mitt Romney or a Paul Ryan, cucked, bought-and-paid for careerists who’ll sell out the country to China or Israel without a second thought. And while the Dems, made up as they are of a motley and incompatible rabble of blacks, browns, Jews, sexual degenerates and embittered White spinsters will squabble among themselves and factionalise over the spoils, they will be bound together by the one thing that unites them: Their common hatred of Heritage America.
At the very best Trump delayed this outcome by a few years. He has helped to galvanise the White middle and working classes – which is why he was so hated by the Special People. My personal belief is that his heart is/was in the right place but he was faced with opposition and sedition wherever he turned. His base was his only support. And he ended up betraying it. A serious and ongoing mistake lay in his failure to realise that he was never going to win over his enemies. They saw his pandering to them as weakness, and hated him all the more. His biggest mistake of all lay in having the Kushners as his closest and most trusted advisers. Kushner is a corrupt Jewish tribalist (and probably Luciferian) who with Ivanka had prior to Trumps election espoused political and social positions at 180 degree variance with Trump’s election platform.  How in Heaven’s name was he supposed to implement his programme under such a regime?
In short I believe he should have appointed like-minded people and focused on implementing his election promises. Even if ultimately thwarted by the Deep State and the rest of the traitorous ‘elite’ at least he’d have gone down with honour intact and his base energised.
Now where’s my glass of water? Must take my black pill.


3 responses to “The verdict is in: Trump’s a busted flush”

  1. For goodness sake…..Trump is a crypto jew,he was always going to betray his supporters….

    All the anti Trump hysteria is just a big act….imagine Trump as a Big Time Wrestler….that’s the reality.

    The Jews control BOTH SIDES of American politics,just as they do in many other countries.

  2. Congrat’s Murka, you have been bamboozled by another carnival barker. Already many are lining up behind the next savior, knowing for sure things will change this time when their guy or gal gets elected. Meanwhile no one seems to notice the 800 lb six pointed star in the room.

    Like the old R.E.O. Speedwagon song “Take It On The Run” states: Talk is cheap when the story is good!

  3. All this seems to be a distraction from the real goal which I think is the coming of the beast. This will only happen by the destruction of misjid al-aqsa for this they need ww3 how else are they going to build it. I mean they can’t do it right now there would be an uproar but if everyone is to busy trying to survive then this is the only time it can happen during ww3.