Movie “Christine” – Women as Feminism’s Roadkill – Feb 10, 2019

(Rebecca Hall as Christine)

Christine Chubbuck (1944-1974) was an American television news reporter who worked for WXLT-TV in Sarasota Florida. The station manager preached an “if it bleeds, it leads” news policy. In protest against that and life going nowhere, she became the only person ever to blow her brains out on live-TV. Despite bombing at the box office, Christine was a critical hit Rebbecca Hall’s performance as a feminist wrestling with conflicting desires and instincts is flawless and deserved an academy award.
Like many feminists, Christine could not compete with men and also find a spouse. The cyst on her ovary symbolizes her masculine mindset. The directing, writing and acting are excellent. Available on Netflix and Prime, this is an uncomfortable watch. At 120 min, the movie is also 30 min too long.  However, it deserves notice because it is true to life, i.e. not politically correct. Ray M alerted me to it. His review is below.

by Ray M — ( 

Christine_(2016_film)Christine (2016) is not the Steven King movie.  This is a horror story of another kind. I would call it a cautionary tale about a victim of ideological possession.
The movie caught me completely off-guard. I found out about it while researching a movement called Transactional Analysis, a  psychological therapeutic modality introduced in the United States during the 1960s.  I had assumed that this movie might be a feel-good story about people that were helped by T.A., or perhaps an expose on those it harmed.  Neither was the focus of this film.
The story is about Christine Chubbuck, a single woman who works in a local television newsroom.  She is nearing thirty and her career seems to have stalled.  She wants to do positive human interest stories, but the big boss, concerned about his failing station, wants to focus on crime, murder, and sensationalism…”If it bleeds, it leads”, was his motto.

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