Britain’s in safe Hands

Irish Savant – Feb 7, 2019

lammy2David Lammy, MP, could justifiably claim the title of Britain’s Stupidest Person. His performance on BBC’s Mastermind quiz, where on even his ‘specialised subject’ (Bob Marley) other contestants answered more than he did, had viewers splitting their side with mirth. Recognising his humiliating performance the moderator took the unprecedented step of prompting an answer. In this case to the question of the first female Nobel Prize winner for physics.  ‘Marie…..’ the host ventured, to which Lammy brightly responded ‘Antionette’. Clever boy Dave. Exceeded only by a later reply in which he told the audience that Henry VIII was succeeded, somehow, by Henry VII. He’s on record as complaining bitterly at the racism of Papal Elections in which black smoke is seen as bad, having never heard of the ancient electoral process. (I’m serious). If he has a rival for the coveted post of  Britain’s Stupidest Person it must surely be Diane Abbot, MP, (the Hackney Hippo) who’d be out of her depth in a puddle and whose interviews have become the stuff of legend.
abbotWell we might laugh at these imbeciles. But ultimately the laugh is on us, or more specifically the White people of Britain. Because Lammy and Abbot have been showered with opportunities unimaginable to the ordinary Brit. Lammy was given entry to Harvard Law School, Abbot to Cambridge. Despite their boundless ignorance and stupidity both have been shoehorned into position of immense importance to Britain. Lammy was, unbelievably, Minister for Higher Education at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Even more unbelievably Abbot is likely to become Home Secretary, the second or third most important position in Government, were Labour to win the next General Election.
Britain’s future is bright.