“101 Things to Do Before the Revolution”

What’s included in this Free ZIP:

– Microsoft Word 95 or Works 7.0 sticker files
– Poster files

Question. Why did you make these stickers, you rabble-rouser?

Answer. Thanks. A revolution now and then is a good thing!

I was reading Claire Wolfe’s “101 Things to Do Before the Revolution” and came across her idea of making stickers with sharp libertarian sayings, like “Big Brother is Here – and he’s Retarded!” or “Orwell is starting to look like an optimist!” I came across some of this provocative artwork on the internet and formatted them to fit on a common 3″ X 4″ postal sticker.

Q. So how do I use these?

A. First, you need to get these things:

1. A cheap inkjet printer like a Lexmark 600 ($50)
2. Avery 8164 3.33″ by 4″ permanent stickers or equivalent
3. Microsoft Works version 7.0 or Microsoft Word 95 or higher

After setting it all up and printing a set here are some smart places you can put ’em:

– Restroom stalls and mirrors
– Gas station pumps (Pay your gas bill in cash)
– Post offices (Watch ’em go Postal!)
– Newspaper vending machines
– Restaurants
– Pay Telephones
– Laundromats
– Airport terminals (Those TSA Thugs will blow a gasket!)
– Taxicabs
– Bureaucrat’s offices like the DMV or the like
– Anywhere they will be noticed!

And remember, all that is needed is for a small, restless minority constantly fanning flames in men’s minds! (Sam Adams)

Good Luck!

Rod Jones

(P.S. – feel free to edit these stickers with your own snappy sayings!)
Download Microsoft Word Stickers Here (19 MB)

Download Microsoft Works Stickers Here (17 MB)

Download the Artwork Here (18 MB)

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