Don’t Succumb to Illuminati Death Wish – Feb 8, 2019

In 1984, KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov described the Communist program of "Demoralization". Click to enlarge

In 1984, KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov described the Communist program of “Demoralization”. Click to enlarge

Crunch time: Demoralization is Death

by Henry Makow PhD

How do articles like the following make you feel?
Russian media threatens US with 100 Megaton Doomsday Device After INF Debacle  
One Step closer to nuclear oblivion as US Sabotages INF Agreement 
US, Russia, and France all Launch Nuclear-Capable Missiles Within Hours of Treaty Falling Apart  
I’ll be honest. My first reaction was “F**K the human race. If it can’t get its act together, it deserves to be destroyed. I’m almost 70. I had a good run. Feel sorry for the children though.”
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But after I’ve had my beauty rest and Snickers bar, I realize this is an example of the demoralization infecting the West. Could this demoralization be the real goal of political discourse these days?
We have had the misfortune to be born into a millennia-old satanic conspiracy that is reaching fruition in our lifetime. Most of the major historical events have been designed to advance the ascendency of Satan on planet earth.
We are under daily attack by Organized Evil, the Principle of Death and Destruction. This is confirmed by
1. The gratuitous attack on gender, marriage and family
2. The total abdication of journalistic principles by the media and its transformation into a propaganda machine
3. The unprecedented invasion of foreigners financed by our tax dollars
4. The normalization of sexual debauchery.
5. The emergence of the lunatic Left from the Satanist-Communist closet.
6. Abortion to the moment of live birth = satanic child sacrifice.
7. Corporations promoting gender and racial “diversity” and miscegenation. All singing from the same songbook.
8. Trump’s ratcheting up of nuclear war tensions consistent with Jewish armageddon prophecies.
Although we are demoralized, we need to mobilize.
We need to resist the pernicious power that seeks to rob us and our children of our Divine birthright.



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