The Plot to Dispossess White Males (in Five Images) – Feb 6, 2019

Illuminati Weaponize Blacks to Dispossess Whites 

Western Men! The Illuminati are taking your women and you are sitting on your hands.

by Henry Makow PhD

gillette ad
1) The importance of this scene, above, from Gillette’s toxic masculinity commercial cannot be overstated.   A white guy sees a hot white woman and is about to speak to her. He is restrained by a black guy implying that any white heterosexual overture is toxic, and, more subtly, white women are the domain of “cooler” black men.
2) The Illuminati don’t give a fig about women or sexual harassment. They are Communists (monopoly capitalists) who seek a monopoly over literally everything — our children, our minds, our possessions. They perceive white men as an obstacle and are waging a psyche war against them.
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They use any social fissure (class, race, gender) to drive a wedge in society in order to weaken and destroy it. Thus they weaponize the poor in class warfare and gays, women and trannies to attack our gender identity.  They enlist blacks and lesbians to supplant white men as mates and providers. They stage false flags to grab guns.


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