NYC Hasidic Jews: Den of Thieves? – Feb 5, 2019


Hasida Jews

There are approximately 550,000 Cabalist Jews called “Hasidim” in the world. Of these about 150,000 live in NYC.  They average about ten children and about half live under the poverty line. Although “Hasid” means pious one, their religion is a sham. Ted Pike reveals that they engage in a wide range of criminal activities from drug trafficking to pedophilia to organ harvesting. 
The scary part is that they have incredible power and are plotting a nuclear war to fulfil Prophecy. Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner belongs to this cult Rich Cabalist Jews like the Rothschilds undoubtedly support them.


by Ted Pike — ( 

Ivanka Trump and Jarad Kushner

Ivanka Trump and Jarad Kushner

One of my readers has lived for decades in New York City.  A devout Christian, he has been an eyewitness observer of Hasidic, Ultra-Orthodox culture and actions in his city and community. Much of it has troubled him. He has collected years of news articles and personal observations and shared them with me. This section of my three-part article is in my words yet reflects his thoughts, which I believe deserve to be heard.
Generally speaking, Hasidic Jews are aloof, avoiding eye contact with Gentiles and not returning greetings. They seem to truly regard goyim as subhuman and created by God to be exploited for the service of Jews. For most, no Gentile law, code or tax must be obeyed if it can be evaded. Brooklyn is projected to become “the new Manhattan” and is being bought up by wealthy Hasidic landlords and developers. Bribery is common; and they, as well as top rabbis and representatives in the state assembly, are able to pull strings in government. This results in even more subsidized housing for their Jewish brethren, filling ten-story apartment complexes very largely with Jews.  Meanwhile, many poor Gentiles wait for affordable housing. Gentile tenants, even with rent paid, are increasingly evicted to sell to Jewish developers.
Brooklyn black councilwoman-elect Laurie Cumbo created a furor by alleging in December that mounting anger and violence against Hasidic Jews results from fear within blacks in the Crown Heights district of being “pushed out by their Jewish landlords.”
Most Hasidim let the taxpayers support large families of up to a dozen children, helping feed them through food stamps. Ultra-Orthodox families commonly avoid taxes through the ruse of fathers declaring they are rabbis and their home is a prayer house or Jewish community center. Hasidic Jews do not serve in the military, and most have dual citizenship with Israel. Supported by taxpayers, Hasidic men are free to study the Talmud (and Kabbalah after the age of 40). Vast numbers head to the Jewish gold, diamond, and garment districts where they make a hefty, largely untraceable income.  As a result, while many Hasidim seem poor and many do struggle on welfare to raise large families, the Hasidic community is awash with money.


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