Growing Backlash to Jewish War on Whites — Jan 4, 2019


Dear Jews: If you want us to stop being so anti-semitic, have you considered not being so anti-white?
Below, I post the responses to this question on Voat. Although addressed to Jews, no Jews responded. Rather Gentiles voiced their grievances in no uncertain terms. “The only solution is the final one.” Why are Jews indifferent to this  backlash? Why are they so complacent? Jews simply cannot comprehend that they were persecuted because of the agenda of Organized Jewry. 
In the Introduction to my book Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the World (2008) I said that the “Jewish conspiracy” is real. The war on people of European Christian descent is part of it. Migration, multiculturalism, miscegenation, gender dysphoria and “diversity” are examples. “Globalism” is nothing but Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) central banker world domination (Communism.)
If Jews remain in denial, they will bear responsibility for a broad Satanic conspiracy that has spread far beyond their ranks. The whole Gentile elite is Masonic but you rarely hear a critical word about Freemasonry. Why is that? They could eliminate all Jews and Freemasons would still be in charge. Are Gentiles loath to admit any responsibility for their condition? In any case, Jews had better get real before they end up being sacrificed by Freemasons and Masonic Jews, as they were in World War Two. The funny thing about history is that it keeps on going. Mostly repeating itself. I speak for many Jews who put their country first. We want to assimilate, not dominate. 
Dear Jews: If you want us to stop being so anti-semitic, have you considered not being so anti-white?
Would you ask the snake not to eat the mouse?
They can’t be reasoned with.
They are not a snake and we are not a mouse. They are a parasite, akin to a flea. With great numbers and with no defence the flea can overrun a dog.
Maybe a tick is a better metaphor. Ticks carry incurable diseases. Just one left unchecked can take down the whole immune system.


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