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Smoking Mirrors – January 21, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I realize I don’t care much about the news any more; same shit, different sewer. No matter where I get the news I have to listen to people who don’t know what they’re talking about. They get the details right but the timing wrong. They give the details and provide the timing and it doesn’t happen. I’m a philosopher and a mystic (anyone can be one, so I’m not the Lone Ranger and both he and Tonto are dead), what am I doing around news sites to begin with? There isn’t any news, there’s just yesterday’s bad behavior repeating itself.

I’ve been seduced by the news off and on; mainstream, alternative and batshit uncredentialed. Not only are they a bad lay but they predict all kinds of things and haven’t been right yet; they’re going to bomb Iran, another false flag is coming, the dollar is going to crash, the E.U. is going to break up and on and on and on. This caused me to make predictions too. They have been as wrong as the people who got me to believe you could make predictions. It’s all a carnival of enticements, looking for suckers who want to win a Kewpie doll.

I am hoping my saying this will somehow, through some kind of cosmic irony, cause something to happen and we can move out of the impacted, colon phase. Still, I note whenever I go around reading all of these news items, I feel like I had dinner in a bad restaurant. It makes me tired and sick to my stomach. I think I’m going to go on a news fast and if the end of the world shows up, someone can email me. Here’s a good indication that it may not be so far away.

Here’s what I have begun to notice, apart from everything I’m being told and which seems more likely to me than everything I’m being told. There will, of course, be massive riots and die offs in large urban centers. There will be major catastrophic change because of what ‘they’ did in The Gulf of Mexico. There will be a tremendous rise in the costs of fuel and food with all the attendant results but… a lot of places will go on like they always have. Rural agricultural zones around the world will go on doing what they do, in some cases; bartering with each other when they have to and generally maintaining a social construct, without a lot of the crap they never needed flowing in.

The changes will be dramatic in some cases and slow moving in others. Life will go on as death marches across the landscape. The world is going to be transformed, not destroyed. The biggest concern is what Mother Nature is getting up to, not socio-political and economic change. There will be mass migrations of people toward the borders of other countries and there may or may not be massive military engagements. This last is an unknown. It’s been threatening to show up for awhile but has confined itself to selected locations. The motive for this was for resource and geo-political control but, soon enough, other concerns are going to pre-empt earlier plans.

How and where the coming changes will surface is anyone’s guess. Regardless of the chaotic appearance of it all, there’s a force at work, arranging circumstance and events toward a specific goal. A new world is coming and wiser minds should focus on this, not upon the destruction of the old. As the old world goes, those attached to it will follow. As the new world emerges, those connected to it will follow. We are involved in a dynamic, not something haphazard and random. There is a method to what appears to be madness.

One has to understand the often secretive laws that govern what we collectively define as ‘good and evil’. All societies are based upon an aggregate agreement of what that is. This is why laws come about. Good laws are useful, until the point where lawyers get involved and then it’s hard to tell what good and evil are anymore. However, what has generally been understood as good and evil, through the ages, have cosmic laws that attend to their practice. These laws are as inflexible as the law of Karma and are part and parcel of it. As Hamlet said, “There is a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will”.

For the people of our times, it all comes down to what you put your faith in. It also comes down to how connected you are to it. What I mean by this is that there are people who say they believe in something. A time comes when that belief is tested and you find that most people do not actually believe in what they say they believe in. They immediately fall back upon trying to work it out according to personal knowledge and their wits. Beliefs are as easy to state as ordering from a restaurant menu. Lip service seems to be the order of the day. Everyone is going to find out just what this means.

It’s like those who profess to believe in God and set themselves up as representatives of one faith or another, practicing the forms and conventions but ignoring the essence. It’s as if going to church on Sunday is the fulfillment of what is required of you and the rest of the week is covered. My suggestion is to practice something for one hour a week and see how that matches up against someone who practices at every opportunity. The problem is that the more you practice certain things, the more difficult it can become and that is too much for most of us. We want some personal breathing room. The jury is out concerning what we accomplish during this breathing room. I suggest, not much.

There are two main kinds of suffering that attend life on this sphere. One is the general ‘catch all’ suffering that attends every existence by varying degrees. The other is the suffering that attends the effort to achieve something and wanting it more than anything you get put through on the way. This is why there are so many seemingly easy solutions to complex problems and why savvy entrepreneurs make so much money off of them. It’s like popping some processed food into a microwave or making something from scratch. You get the benefit of your industry and this applies across the board with everything.

It’s not hard to meet up with minor officials. It’s more difficult to meet with a senator than a congressman. It’s near impossible to meet the president. It’s pretty easy to talk to the members of a local band and much more difficult to talk to a member of a major rock group. It’s easy to talk to local theater actors and so on and so on. How easy then is it to meet up with the be all and end all? As the I Ching states, “perseverance furthers”.

It’s a little researched truism that we make our greatest progress under the pressures of adversity. There are many examples of people who have risen to great heights as a result of some terrible trauma or persistent misfortune, because the benefits are persistent as well. Everyone is going to get their share of understanding this, sooner than they may expect. It looks like I’m predicting here (grin). Actually, all I’m doing is parroting the guarantees of human destiny, as it has expressed itself over the course of time. You now live in ‘interesting times’.

Any of the rapidly disappearing, well informed students of human history, can tell you that there are long periods where life goes on in a fairly normal fashion in most places around the world. Then there are other times when normal has left the building. This is one of those times. Usually there is some incident that ignites the brushfire madness that has been smoldering for awhile. It goes from trails of smoke into an incendiary conflagration in no time. It’s been building for a long period and all the necessary features are in place. All the opportunistic and deadly assistants are in their spots. It’s as if it was choreographed and it is.

I had some thoughts about personal preparation but that hasn’t gotten me very excited. How am I to know what I will need when I need it? Sure, there are the basics but what about the things I need most? What about the things inside me? So, that’s where my focus has been. I can hardly build an ark if fire is coming, or head for the seashore if it turns out to be water, especially when I don’t know which one it is and especially when it’s going to be some combination of all of them, as we have already seen taking place.

We spend so much time planning and preparing to protect ourselves and our loved ones from pending disasters, without having taken the time to make ourselves into what we will need to be. Nothing may happen. It may just go on and on like it is, only getting worse but that defies all the laws of physics and metaphysics that I have ever seen besides entropy. Maybe a stagnant swamp is our destiny but I can’t seem to accept that and there are still tigers in The Sundarbans.

I was a Boy Scout. I was one merit badge shy of Eagle Scout. That was the Lifesaving Merit Badge (grin). I still believe in ‘be prepared”. However, the question remains; be prepared for what? What do you prepare? Everything on the outside is controlled by the inside.

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