D Notice on Yellow Vests

Commentary – Feb 3, 2019

Forces of “law and order” on the streets of Bordeaux during Acte X of GJ protests, 12/1/2019

Forces of “law and order” on the streets of Bordeaux during the tenth week of Yellow Jackets protests, 12/1/2019. Click to enlarge

A D-Notice is an official request to editors and the news media in general not to publish reports on specified topics. D-Notices are issued supposedly for reasons of “national security”, although they are often used to conceal information that might be considered more politically compromising.
According to Wikipedia D-Notices have been issued on a number of occasions in recent years:
“In June 2013, a DA-Notice was issued asking the media to refrain from running further stories related to the U.S. PRISM programme, and British involvement therein.[11]
In October 2013, Prime Minister David Cameron made a veiled threat to newspapers over NSA and GCHQ leaks, stating in Parliament that the government might “use injunctions or D notices or the other tougher measures” to restrain publication of leaked classified information if newspapers did not voluntarily stop publishing them.[12]
In 2017, a notice was issued against British journalists revealing the identity of the British author of a controversial dossier alleging collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election.[13] Multiple British outlets ignored this advice and revealed his name anyway, including BBC News, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.[13]
Subsequently, two D-Notices were issued in March 2018 in relation to the Skripal’s poisoning.
However, we’ve now been reliably informed that a new gagging order has issued that throws an entirely new light on current events
According to an anonymous BBC insider a new gagging order has been placed on coverage pertaining to the French Yellow Jackets movement (see below). This means that the powers that be are seriously concerned about the protests and are doing their utmost to prevent them spreading.
Note that the BBC insider claims that the government views the Yellow Jackets protests as a “threat to all European governments and are trying to prevent a ‘European Spring’ type situation”.
To this end the corporate media, including the BBC, are preparing pre-written stories in case an escalation of events forces them to cover the Yellow Jacket protests. If they are then forced to report on the protests the media have been instructed to link them with the “Far right” and the Front National.
As the correspondent who sent this in noted: this explains why reports about protests in France have suddenly become far less prominent in the media.
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