Jason Charles — Christian Zionists Serve the Antichrist

henrymakow.com – Jan 31, 2019


Devil in Christian garg. Click to enlarge

In a recent poll on this site, 54% of respondents regarded Christian Zionists as the biggest useful idiots, followed by liberals at 22% 
They think they are serving Christ but they are really serving Satan.

Original- The Antichrist Spirit is a Jewish Spirit

By Pastor Jason Charles — (abridged by henrymakow.com)

When we attempt to define the word Antichrist and the qualities of an antichrist we must realize first and foremost that this was an attending spirit as old as the New Testament church itself. The antichrist is a spirit in humanity that opposes the very nature and knowledge of Christ. So by deduction, we can determine quite easily what an antichrist is by simply listing the virtues of Christ Himself.
If Christ is for peace, the antichrist person is for war If Christ is for life, the antichrist person is for death If Christ is for truth, the antichrist is for lies If Christ is for poor, the antichrist is for the rich If Christ is for pure doctrine, the antichrist is for false doctrine If Christ is for unencumbered, free churches, the antichrist would be for institutionalized centralized churches If Christ is for self-sacrifice, the antichrist is for self-aggrandizement and so on…
This list could go on for pages making these parallels, demonstrating how the antichrist will be for the exact opposite of everything Jesus represents, yet still be able to confound and lead the elect astray.


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