The Useful Idiots Among Us – Jan 29, 2019


Many people don’t realize that they are useful idiots. Manipulated by the Illuminati-controlled media and education system, useful idiots unwittingly advance a socially destructive agenda. 
Mike Stone identifies some of them. 
“Today, there’s no excuse for not being awake. You have this site and others to learn from. Embark on a course of self-education today.”

by Mike Stone — (

Useful-Idiots-Definition-620x288Do you believe that race is a “social construct”, that people are the same all over the world, or that Israel is our greatest ally?
Are you a Catholic who attends the new Mass and believes Francis to be a legitimate Pope? Are you a Protestant who is unaware that all Protestant denominations are man-made religions that have their roots in Martin Luther, a priest from the early 1500s, who was duped by the Jews of his time to create division within the Catholic Church?
Are you a white person who feels guilty for the “crimes” of your ancestors, a black person who believes American society practices “systematic racism”, or a person of any race who voted for Hillary Clinton?
If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then congratulations. You are a Useful Idiot.


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