A Reflection On Holocaust Memorial Day

Kevin Boyle – No One to Vote For Jan 27, 2019

International Holocaust Day
It is difficult to doubt that the fundamental structure that rules over us is as described to FSB (KGB) students here by Professor E. Victor Alekseyevich, Rector of St.Petersburg State Agrarian University:
We have rulers who direct everything from above visible systems of governance. The professor calls these overlords “The Conceptual Power”.
Societies have always, since Egyptian times, been governed by “the Priest Class”. Today this priest class consists of elected politicians, the media, think tank spokespersons etc supported by a subordinate Deaconry (teachers, social workers, the Civil Service etc.).
The gabblers in the public square are responsible for governing our minds … but they do not rule.
There are links between the rulers and the government .. most obvious  example  being  Lord Levy, the “Lord moneybags” permantly attached to Tony Blair, who told Mr Blair what he had to do.


It appears that “The Jewish People”, as a concept, is an important instrument of our rulers, the Conceptual over-power. The mind-mugger that is “The Jewish People” has been spiritually engineered to act as a sword and a human shield for the ruling elite. If we want to attack or get at this elite in any way we have to go through the Jewish people.
“The Jewish People” is a virtual weaponised wall surrounding and protecting the warmongering earth-stealing Satanic power that all well-intentioned people abhor. This problem (for us) is a psychological nightmare dreamscape, an ethical double-bind created by fiends channeling a spirit of Luciferian genius. We are faced with a new world religion against which blasphemy will result in an individual’s maximal ruin. In many countries heresy leads directly to a prison cell, as we all know.
The Jewish people cannot be blamed collectively for this. They are as much victims of this spell as we are and, like most of the rest of us, they believe the great lie on which this religion is founded.
Some of the narrative re WW2 genocide of Jews is true but the central claim, certainly regarding Auschwitz, is easily proven to be false.
The element that prevents the Jewish tragedy being a run-of-the-mill genocide (i.e. motivated by either revenge* or theft, like all the others) is the ‘industrialied extinction of a race narrative’, the “human gas chambers”.
This is the nightmare fantasy (as Nick Kollerstrom calls it) that must not be doubted. Thus today, the concept of the  suffering of “The Jewish People” has displaced the innocent suffering Christ at the heart of our new world religion.
The “human gas chambers” is The new Cross and Auschwitz is the new Calvary and the entire narrative that is the new world religion has been created by the very people Christ condemned over and over again before his own Jewish people as being,
“Liars!”, “Of Satan!”
If we attempt to ‘call out’ our rulers, the true perpetrators of 9/11 and 7/7, the directors of every ‘Security Services’ outrage, the creators of all our wars, then we cannot avoid noticing and mentioning the role of prominent Zionist Jews in all these horrors.
Immediately we are “anti-Semites”.
We attack the new Christ.
This is genius indeed.
For those who still might not have investigated the issue at the core of the new world religion, below is a list of basic points relating to ‘Auschwitz human gas chambers’, the ruling elite’s most powerful weapon of enslavement against all humanity:
1) The corpses of people who have died from cyanide (Zyklon gas) poisoning are bright pink/red (Google image it). This is a FACT.
There is not one single “eyewitness” who reported seeing such corpses in spite of the fact that there should have been one million+ of them in transit through the camp if we accept the establishment narrative. Furthermore the “eyewitnesses” whose testimony has been published report seeing the “blue” bodies of the gas chamber victims. That alone proves that these “eyewitnesses” are liars.
2) The real gas chamber at Auschwitz (which still exists but ‘tourists’ are not shown) is small (10m^3) and was used for killing the lice on clothes that spread typhoid amongst the inmates (it killed about 60,000 inmates in the late summers of ’42 and ’43). So we are supposed to believe that there was one gas chamber for killing inmates and another for keeping them healthy?
3) The ferrocyanide level in the real (hygenic) gas chamber has been measured to be 5000 parts per million. The walls of this chamber are turquoise (the colour of the ferrocyanide) to this very day. The chemical evidence persists. The walls of the alleged “human gas chamber” contains 2/3 ppm, the same as dormitories and kitchens. This has been measured by serious professional chemists. In fact young Jewish researcher, David Cole, forced the Auschwitz museum director to admit that the “human gas chamber” shown to tourists had been built between 1946 and 1948 by the Soviets. i.e. AFTER the war.
4) Carlo Mottagno, an Italian researcher examined the coke delivery records at Auschwitz and, because the amount of coke required to incinerate a body in a crematorium is known, he worked out how many corpses could have been cremated by this volume of coke. His results showed approximate equivalence (no contradiction) between the possible numbers and the numbers of cremations/deaths recorded in the OFFICIAL Auschwitz records. (bodies could not be buried because Auschwitz is at the confluence of three rivers and the water table is very high so the bodies would have polluted water supplies).
5) The Head of the British Secret Services, one Mr. Cavendish-Bentinck, wrote to the BBC in 1943 asking them to stop broadcasting the “human gas chambers” war propaganda for which “there is no evidence” because this horror story was undermining propaganda relating to real German atrocities that the Secret Services were broadcasting.
The Letter**:
6) There is NOT ONE SINGLE document or material fact that supports the nightmare “human gas chambers” narrative as “Holocaust” world-expert Raul Hilberg admitted in a Toronto courtroom during the trial of denier Ernst Zundel. (link below provided by  Jewish “denier” [i.e. truthteller] Paul Eisen, a brave, entirely decent and most honourable man, ex-Head of English at a North London Comprehensive,
7) There are no contradictions between the official Auschwitz records, the Red Cross records (allowed into camps, including Auscwitz) and the Bletchley Park intercepts that interrupted communications between the camps and the German High Command during the relevant period. If such contradictions occurred we would know all about them, one must surely agree. (Bletchley Park records are available for reading in Russell Square)
8) David Cole (Jewish researcher) Auschwitz Documentary:
We are either honest or we are not. We either care about each other and the Jewish people or we do not.
Jesus Christ was right about everything.
* That genuine and diabolical horror, the WW2 slaughter of Jews, was carried out as acts of revenge against people held responsible for the crimes against Soviet peoples by the (predominently Jewish) Bolshevik leadership. The Bolsheviks slaughtered millions of Christians, particularly the middle-class/educated ones, who might have organised opposition against the new regime. When the German army temporarily (it turned out) took over previously Soviet territories the local populations often took bloody revenge against all Jews in their areas. Sometimes the German military was directly involved in these crimes.
The Germans, who had in the earlier stages been easily winning WW1, understood that their own banking classes had turned against them and withheld funds causing loss of vital supplies and, ultimately, defeat. They came, after the war, to realise that this happened as a result of the Balfour Declaration and the promise of a Jewish homeland, which also brought a previously impartial America into WW1. The defeat and subsequent economic horrors visited on Germany after the war was the driver of the Nazi policy, openly stated, to expel all Jews from Germany. The cause was perceived betrayal and the motive was, again, revenge.
** There is a small error in this document. Mr Cavendish-Bentinck was head of ‘The British Political Warfare Executive’ not head of ‘The British Psychological Warfare Executive’.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.