McDonald’s becomes latest victim of the “Kosher Nostra Scam”

Los Angeles, Alta California (ACN) A little over a year ago, I wrote a well received article titled, “The ‘Kosher Nostra Scam’ on the American Consumer”. The article outlined a sophisticated scam that is costing the American consumer millions of dollars per year by paying extra for what actually amounts to a hidden “Jewish Tax” on food products.

The perpetrators of these elaborate extortion schemes are rabbinical councils. These councils coerce large food companies to pay up for the use of their kosher symbols (U) and (K) on their food labels or else face a massive Jewish boycott of their products. Today, American consumers are having to pay extra for such products as bottled mountain spring water, plastic sandwich bags, aluminum foil, folgers coffee, detergent and for thousands of other products that are unrelated to the Torah kosher laws. The rabbis have “stretched” the meaning of the Torah kosher laws in order to maximize the profits they receive through their protection racket. The largest payola operations in the U.S. are run by those rabbis who license the (U) and the (K) symbols. These are the rabbis that run the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations (U) and the rabbis associated with Star-K symbol.

These same two rabbi organizations recently perpetuated yet another “Kosher Nostra Scam”. This time the scam will affect many destitute American consumers who depend on a McDonald’s hamburger and fries for nutrition. These consumers will surely pay more for their food now that the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations and the rabbis associated with the Star-K symbol have been instrumental in forcing McDonald’s to pay up $10 million dollars as part of a Cook County circuit court (Illinois) settlement ruled on May 20. The settlement, obtain on behalf of the rabbis and other groups, was litigated by a group of Jewish attorneys and decided by Jewish Judge Richard Seibel. What was Mc Donald’s crime? They failed to divulge that their fries had a “beef” flavoring!

The “loot” will be divided among the rabbis, certain other Jewish groups and some non-Jewish organizations. The rabbis in the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations (U) will receive $150,000 and the rabbis with Star-K will receive $300,000. The Zionist student group Hillel has been designated to receive $300,000 by Jewish Circuit Judge Seibel. The Jewish Community Centers Association will receive $200,000. The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership will get $50,000. The amount that the Jewish attorneys will receive for their services has not been divulged but it is estimated to be quite “substantial”.

It is estimated that the non-Jewish American consumer has paid billions of dollars extra for food over the years that the “Kosher Nostra Scam” has been in operation. The rabbis run a well oiled machine and are now utilizing the corrupt Jewish dominated judicial system to enforce their phoney kosher laws. The decision by the Illinois circuit court will now be an extra “baseball bat” they will use to coerce the food companies to pay more for protection. Ultimately it is us, the non-Jewish consumer that pays the price.
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