The Grand Poobah of the Mikado from Down Under from the New McSatan Burger Church of the Unrighteously Possessed

Smoking Mirrors – Jan 26, 2019

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Back at the turn of the century, Americas worst president and his henchmen, attacked America with the complicity of Israel, if not under direct orders from that country. These days, Donald Trump is under more fire, every day, than Bush ever was and is a thousand times less deserving. The assaults are a pincer movement from Tribe journalists and you can (and I do) see this everywhere. You might counter that most journalists are of that persuasion since, unless you are a proven gentile catamite, you’ll get no place in the news feed. It’s still glaringly evident.
At the same time, he is supposed to be a big buddy of these people; marriages and other connections are evident. It is clear now that ‘they’ have something on him. He definitely knows that whomever owns the media, the entertainment and music businesses and sundry septic tank reservoirs of the same shit, different day, aficionados, are collectively seeking his destruction. Whatever they have is greater than his courage to confront and expose them. Otherwise he would be coming forth with chapter and verse about their multitudes of crimes against humanity and he SURELY has access to it all. Now he has backed down about his wall. He has shot himself in both feet and his once strong conservative support is surely gone.
Maybe he’s got some tricks up his sleeve, still. We’ll see. The present appearance and stage managed direction, indicates that horrific winds of change are being massed for truly unfortunate outcomes. A serial, trouble-making opportunist has hooked up with Soros driven forces to perform (badly) in the area of fabricated charges, against people seeking to stand up against things such as, abortion now being legal right up to the due date of the child. Would they know if the mother’s life was under threat much earlier? Of course they would and that’s not the point. Meanwhile, New York’s governor is lighting up the city skyline with ‘pink’ lights in celebration (yippie ki yay!)
The trouble making opportunist wants to take his Dog and Pony show on the road. He showed up at an event looking for trouble. Someone hired the Black Hebrews (with cool name recognition) to show up too. Of course the opportunist was in ‘nam’, no doubt a lerps hero.
It’s getting crazier and crazier, as Mr. Apocalypse beats the bush and the roaches scurry in all directions. Into this melange comes the rise and crisp, clean, laundering of The Satanic Church. Look at the right eye of this fellow, Greaves; he’s the Grand Poobah of the Mikado from Down Under for the new McSatan Burger Church of the Unrighteously Possessed. Notice how positively the Satanists are described and defined in this article in a MAINSTREAM British newspaper in the link above!
It’s (life) getting lit up all over the place. It’s all a matter of lighting folks, even the 3:00 AM, Sweat Hogs at the Dew Drop Inn, bar annex closing time, are transformed into beautiful gray cats when the light is right… and they are all variegated; disproving that they are ‘all gray’ at night. It’s in the stark light of the morning sun that you realize your mistake and go running out of your own apartment, hoping that even if it is ransacked when you get back, your magic pumpkin lover will be gone. How’s that for serendipity?
The madness is a pandemic and clearly a monstrous act of psychopathy.
I’m an incurable optimist. I am also sane, especially these days. When I see hyphenated last name, social justice warriors, marching to the Last Judgment and bearing a striking resemblance to Madame Dufarge I realize as soon as the knitting needles come out, I had better move to Idaho and become a gun nut, or move lock, stock, …and still intact, to northern India (not making the mistake I made the first time), most likely, Varanasi …and immerse myself in what has already completely taken over my life (thank god!) and which would be under threat from nothing else but that for perpetuity. The same would not be the case here.
Oh… I’m safe enough. The one I serve could dissolve the entire manifest world with a simple hand gesture but… living in fear drenched lands, surrounded by endless miles of real and metaphorical chain link fences, with razor wire glistening in the sunlight above it, is not my idea of a good time. Despite the really annoying voice of the narrator (I can’t pinpoint what it is …but it is annoying), this is a good indication of what is going on, though it says little about what awaits following the coming attractions features, of advanced progressions, in the  Event Horizon. I’m not looking forward to hosting bake sales at Our Lady of Perpetual Misery Cathedral to raise money for the controlled opposition.
I am glad there are kids like those students from Covington around and it takes the sting out of hearing that fake Parkland shooting victim, David Hogg is going to Harvard to study politics. While the shooting was going on, he was hiding in a prearranged spot, filming things by sticking his cellphone over a desk, I guess …and ‘interviewing’, others hiding with him. That sound suspicious of something?
The real problem is that people are dumb enough to be dumbed down, or so frightened for their own survival that they will put up with every lie and indignity, just as long as they can pass through airport security and get groped and fondled by people perverted enough to want the job. I refuse to fly until something changes.
Yes… there is a tidal wave of lies, roaring across the face of the Earth and threatening a Noah-redux. The control being exerted, by the usual suspects, through proxy and figureheads is frightening. Imagine a raging fury of schmoos, trampling everything before them, as they hop relentlessly forward, in a three legged race, with their Lemming opponents to see who can get to the cliff edge first. The smart money says they get there at the same time, given the nature of the race but… it’s unlikely smart money is going to be involved.
I am praying and meditating more. I am waiting with an empty mind and an open heart. I am riveted with conviction in my certitude that my long awaited guest will arrive, or rather, I should say, come more completely into the picture. I am reading “The Light of the Soul”, the Alice Bailey channeled, Tibetan translated work by Patanjali. No one is certain when he was here, except that it has probably B.C. He wrote one of the most profound works on self control and expedient passage to ever finer realms of being. I’ve read it several times but it seems as if this must be the first time, because now I am understanding it. The introduction and preface alone is worth the time and trouble, not to mention the wonderful contents. I’m not concerned about the world anymore. What will be will be and… everything is under control. I weep for those who are so blinded and… there are many. It calls for ‘unbearable compassion’. One looks at the situation, helpless to effect a righteous and lasting change, knowing there is naught one can do.
Without divine intervention, the outcome is sure and certain. Materialism is Insanity, as it is also Satanism. It is a kind of three in one, infernal trinity. I have finally recognized that whatever is on the menu is what is coming to the table. No doubt there are ‘healthy choices’ and otherwise. It could be that everything on the menu is suspect. That area is not a concern of mine; what’s on the menu. My concern, if it is a concern, is the fiery, hieroglyphic alphabet, written into every form and whose vibration holds everything manifest in place and is responsible for the difference between anything there is. My concern is to make contact with the mind behind the letters and aught else. That contact has been made, actually …so… to paraphrase Milton, “they also serve who only stand and wait”. This is from a sonnet dealing with his blindness; “When I Consider how my Light is Spent.”
There’s blindness and there’s blindness. Having made the necessary contact, it seems to me, that to stand, or sit, and wait, is the wisest course. I don’t know where I am supposed to go or when. I do know that someone does and I do know they intend to take me there. I am occasionally reminded of that research team that fell to their death from a mountain path on Maui, decades ago, during a heavy fog. If you can’t see where you are going, you shouldn’t move until you can.
In this world there are far too many guides who don’t know where they are going. There are far too many experts that don’t know what they are talking about. The ratio of deceivers to the deceived is an interesting equation. All over the world today there are people lying for the sheer pleasure of it. There are people being paid to do it and people profiting from lies and generally, it’s okay to lie if you are selling something or running for political office. If you are a priestly representative of an established faith, you pretty much have to lie, given that you don’t know what you are talking about. In some religions, it is a matter of established doctrine that one must lie to those who are not members of that religion. Given that these perspectives are a matter of confirmed truth, one should keep them in mind when they find the world they live in controlled by those holding these perspectives.
It is a ghastly spectacle, this external world at this particular moment …and without a trustworthy anchor and safe harbor, what are one’s chances here? I have wondered more than once, given what little I know about visible and invisible life and visible and invisible hierarchies; how is it that some people are able to justify their behaviors to themselves? It mystifies me and it certainly convinces me- as if I needed any more convincing- that one should never lie to themselves.
Perhaps it is I that is wrong and not those who are ‘Hellbent’ on victimizing anyone and everyone who comes within their reach. Is a spider evil? Certainly this is true from the POV of a fly but is the fly even capable of thought in that sense? Still… I’ve been told in convincing fashion that one can be born into any form, for the purpose of karmic penalty and education… somewhere off in the distance I hear Vincent Price crying, “Help me! Help me!” Oh well… there is so much that I am ignorant of that it could be there are all sorts of rational explanations and justifications for every kind of behavior and I’m simply uninformed. Time will tell and we shall see.
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