Kenmare Awakes to Diversity

Irish Savant – Jan 24, 2019

kenmareThe residents of Kenmare, a small town, village really, in County Kerry woke up to a surprise a few days ago. Into this hitherto all-White sleepy backwater there suddenly appeared scores of Africans loitering aggressively on street corners while gangs of leering Muslims ogled and jostled the local girls. Yes, Kenmare has, almost overnight, become enriched. To the total amazement of its residents. Enrichment like this. As the residents come to terms with their new guests let’s consider some of the broader issues this development raises.
kenmare 2For a start the plan was virtually ignored by the media. Now you must understand that in a small isolated country like Ireland developments such as ‘Dunleer Post Office To Close‘ can generate headline treatment on a quiet day. Yet there has been a Stalinist blackout of the transformation of a picturesque village on the tourist trail. How has this been managed? This blanket of secrecy suggests that Kenmare is not alone. I found out only through a friend who lives there. How many more invaders are set to be foisted on unfortunate villages throughout the country? How many more already have been? Sure as hell we won’t find out from the MSM.
And here’s another question. Why are the politicians doing this? In Ireland politicians have one objective and one objective only: Get re-elected. To do this they must be popular, bring goodies to their constituents, attend every funeral, fight for facilities even when such facilities are not in the strategic national interest. At present Ireland is suffering from a housing shortage, sky-high rents and a corresponding rise in homelessness. Our health and education services  creaking at the seams, schools and hospitals over-crowded, long waiting lists for medical treatment while many parents have to send their kids up to twenty miles away for schooling. Criminals roam the streets due to prison overcrowding, The absolutely very last thing we want is large numbers of foreign freeloaders (and apparently all of those in Kenmare are young men) descending on us.
But that’s what our politicians have signed up for. Why? What kind of pressure can have been brought on them to agree to such a calamity. And who brought it?
And remember once the invaders get here they’re here to stay. Ireland officially rejects almost 90% of asylum claims. Great. And how many are actually deported? About 5%. There’s a strict procedure in place. Government informs migrant his application is rejected and they’ll be calling to deport him next Monday at 10 a.m. Great plan lads.  Officials arrive, enricher has long since disappeared into the maw of the African and Muslim underworld. In the unlikely event that he subsequently gets caught lawyers appeal to a court on some human rights issue and the whole process is restarted, ending a few years and a few million Euro later with the same outcome.
kenmare3However to give credit, our border control agents are occasionally diligent and persistent. In the very same village of Kenmare a self-supporting middle-aged American woman is facing deportation.
“American who retired to Kenmare on facing deportation: ‘Why doesn’t Ireland welcome with open arms folks like me?’ “
An excellent question Jane. The only explanation I can offer is that you’re White.