Students threatened to be fined if they are refusing of watching homoerotic movie in Kokkola Finland

Juhani Berg — PT Media Jan 22, 2019

Small scale county out roar has risen in Kokkola caused by local high school students forced to watch gayerotics movie under threat of sanction. School’s principal says that this is one part of tolerance education, that tries to build understanding towards minorities.

According Yle Svenska Kokkola’s Swedish speaking high school acquired movie ”Call me by your name” to be shown in Kokkola’s movie theater with the help of city’s equality task force. After this the school desided that it’s okay and decent to show this homoerotic film to students 16-18 years old. School says that this is one form of tolerance education, which tries to teaches tolerance towards sexual minorities.

When time came to watch this movie it was boosted with threats: If student skips this movie that would be considered as absence without permission. On top of this student will be fined 10€ penalty fee. Yle Svenska’s article doesn’t tell where does this fining base on; is it based on the law or to the equality-councilman’s coffee fund.

The movie it self tells a story of two young mans love, age 17 and 24 years old. Movie doesn’t show actual sex acts, but many scenes are leading to understanding what’s going on. Actors foreplay leaves no room for misunderstanding, actual sexual intercourse is just around the corner. There are other scenes including perversions too. Younger man sneaks to bedroom to sniff older guy’s underwear while jerking off.

Many high school students have refused to watch this movie. More than ten students have refused pleading on their religious beliefs. Other students have said that they don’t want to watch movies like this. School’s principal tells to Yle Svenska that the movie is only a beautiful fairy tale between two man.

-Juhani Berg