French Nationalist Starlet is Zionist Pawn – Jan 23, 2019


 Marion Marechal

Marion Jeanne Caroline Maréchal, 29, is the granddaughter of National Front (FN) founder Jean-Marie Le Pen and niece of FN Leader Marine Le Pen. Many hoped she would one day succeed her aunt. However, our hopes are dampened by the realization that for some reason, there are no true nationalists. They all genuflect to Zionism. 
“The right wing I aspire is at the crossroads of the political judaïsm (i.e Zionism) and of Netanyahu,”  she said.
Below is a dump of videos from a French reader which shows that the French right is being funded and controlled by Zionist pawns, following the pattern throughout the world of two Masonic Jewish factions (Globalists/Communists and Zionist/Nationalists) controlling the discourse.

by Jean — (

As the Yellow Vest movement has expanded worldwide, we can now clearly see that it was an orchestrated movement which went awry but which is now perfectly managed by the globalist elites. As in WWII with the orchestrated gesticulations of the Crypto-Jewish Zionist puppets (from Churchill to Hitler and to mention Stalin, Franco, Mussolini, Salazar, Blum, etc…), the goal is now to orchestrate opposition to globalism, taxes, international agreements, and so on… in order to install chaos. And they actively prepare the following ‘Order out of Chaos’.


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