Some Thoughts on the Super Wolf Moon Eclipse in an Esoteric Manner (I hope).

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Jan 20, 2019

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
(I saw on the clock that it was approaching 11:00 AM. I thought to myself, it’s too bad the game is starting then, because otherwise I would be inclined to write a post. I put on Jim Reeves singing, “May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You” as I went to put the game on and could not find it).
My friend said, “It’s probably on later.” I said, “but all week I have seen it coming on at 1:00 Eastern.” Somehow I was wrong. This is why, even when I am absolutely certain, I never insist. I’ve learned the lesson in that regard. So… let’s write a post (grin). By the way (I’m not sure I should even mention this. I heard a voice come into my head last evening and it said, “You should do a meditation for Tom Brady tomorrow.” To put it lightly, I was stunned. That sort of thing never happens.
I went ahead and did it anyway and… I did one last night too, heh heh. Now if it doesn’t play out I suspect I will look the fool. This is a position I am not unfamiliar with. Perhaps, then, I should not even have mentioned it but… I did for the purpose of demonstration, though I do not know what this will demonstrate since I was only responding to an unusual request.
I’ll close this intro with a tale about my learning never to insist that I am right. I had a girlfriend once named Svargo, oh… about 30 years ago. It was during the most desperate period of my life and she was -and is- an angel who remains one of the finest people I have ever met. Aside from the wreckage that was my life and my torturous battle with myself and the world, she protected and sheltered me and was Right Thru My Heart proof that god loves me.
On one occasion I was at here house and we were talking about a song. I can no longer remember the title but I was absolutely certain it was done by a particular artist. I insisted I was right. I was wrong. I was stunned. Six weeks later, the same thing happened with a different subject. This time I was absolutely-absolutely certain I was right. I was wrong. Yikes. I was super stunned because I was ever so much more certain this time. It did not happen again. I did not insist again; point taken. Oh… dear lord… the lessons I have learned, especially of late. My gratitude cannot be voiced or measured but I will try to. Onward and upward!)
Welcome to our latest blood moon eclipse, taking place some time this evening, or so I am told. It is going to last around 4 hours, or so I am told. It’s in Leo (well… I’m a Leo with my opposite rising; full moon’s usually take place in the sign that is the opposite of the sign it appears in. Maybe it will have some significance for me personally. None of the rest of them have but… It is in a square with Uranus, the planet of upheaval and transformation; interestingly ‘liberation’ as well as… revolution. It is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury (one might gain some amount of insight considering what that means; the higher octave of Mercury. ALSO… it is the ruler of Aquarius- the sign we are supposed to be in. Uranus is ALSO associated with ‘rebirth’. Aquarius begins on the 21st on January. This is the 20th. So… this is a cusp moon passing into Aquarius right while it is happening. Whoa Nellie.It’s also called a ‘wolf moon’. I don’t exactly know why but you can look into it if you wish… ahrooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
People don’t associate me with Astrology, however… I have put a good deal of time into Esoteric Astrology, in tandem with my Tarot and other arcane studies. I might add, I am very much into Phrenology and I doubt that is known much outside my own head. It is now in the realm of common knowledge (grin). I studied Chiromancy in some detail too but… as with Clinical and applied Astrology, I did/do not possess the gene for it. You’d be surprised how certain information can prove valuable in a tangential way, regardless of one’s overall expertise. Right off, I notice that in this planetary configuration, Trump and others might consider the possibilities. In some countries, at a further reach, heads might roll in following days. It seems to have all the earmarks for it. I imagine some astrologers might disagree with some of my statements but… argument is a given when it comes to that ‘science’ since perspective plays, to a great degree, in the application and formation of one’s POV; one of the reasons I ALWAYS prefer to ‘look in’ before I even think about ‘looking out’.
Because… for reasons I won’t go into, I am going to be in a meditative state during this eclipse. I’ve gone into similar behavior for similar events, including 12/12, the Sacrifice of the Harmonica Virgins and the last eclipse. Nada is what I got. This time I expect more because it has personal implications. I’m trying to play down the personal these days because I’m looking for ease of passage when I take the big journey (if I do in the usual manner… I don’t HAVE TO; none of us do but that’s not up to us).
My final word on this eclipse; on this side of the eclipse has to do with Mr. Apocalypse. Consider the qualities of Uranus mentioned in the fourth paragraph. Do these not all have context concerning Mr. Apocalypse. I am hearing that much of what I was told in Italy a few years ago are now going to go into action; the things Mr. Apocalypse told me he was going to be getting up to. Should this be true- and I am betting it is- there is going to be ♫a whole lotta shaking going on♫
The force of Uranus is considerable. One might well ‘expect the unexpected’. The planets are both inside and outside of us. Their interplay is the source of the soundtrack of our lives. One could also say they set the environment we act out in. The relationship between our interior schematic and the macrocosmic side, determines the nature of our ‘events’. There are a number of ways for one to look at the natal (and progressed) map of their present existence. I tend to view is as, the wise man or woman rules the stars. We have interior impulses that act on us and those who move in an unconscious manner are prisoners of fate. On the other hand; much like T’ai Chi’ and similar dances of harmonization, one can intuit the necessary footwork, given that one is moving in a conscious manner.
The essential behavior of manifest life is change. In the highest sense, the configuration we were born with provides the conditions for the working out of our Karma. We can operate like a pinball, or we can work the table. I used to (when I was a pinball wizard in my youth) put the front legs of the pinball machine on the toes of my shoes; not my own toes. I made the necessary protective adjustment. This gave me a more even playing field. Yeah, I was cheating but perhaps; so was the designer of the machine. I think of that sometimes in terms of life as well. It is clearly evident that those who schemed their ways into the corridors of temporal power, in all the larger fields, adjust the playing surface to their advantage. You need to know this going in, or you need to learn it earlier on because otherwise you can find yourself where you would rather not be, like performing as cannon fodder in a Banker War for Banker Profit, or economically disadvantaged because of the way the system operates.
If one has striven for a wider sense of awareness and has sought to associate themselves with that consciousness, which possesses the widest and most enduring awareness that there is; interesting developments appear. You might struggle and sometimes get battered from pillar to post but in the end, having proven worthy or, in any case, having endured and never given up… then VERY interesting developments WILL come into play. I speak from personal experience ALWAYS and when it is something I have not yet experienced, or- praise God!- did not have to experience, it is always something that I have accepted as true based on the integrity and wisdom of the one whose thoughts I have unequivocally embraced, or a telling and unfortunate lesson that someone else kindly experienced on my behalf (thank you very much).
The result of my life up to this point has been that I consider the ineffable, the divine being, to be the primary objective in life and there is no second choice. This is because, despite the epic suffering that my choice of path and relentless ignorance of earlier times put me through, the mindset I presently enjoy cannot be compared in value to any other ever, at any time anywhere. Surely it can and will improve measurably for all of us that share in this pursuit but ‘the thing itself’ is beyond compare, is the essence and body of joy and bliss, of wonder and beauty beyond description. It is priceless and unique unto itself and is… is… is… I think you get my point. It is beyond the reach of any superlative. It is past any hyperbole ever; the word does not apply.
It is my constant prayer that some portion of this will find its way to you. I know in cases I am familiar with that it already has and you share with me the singular view of what will always be beyond you.
Okay, dear friends, I got to go. I have an appointment shortly so… “may the good lord bless and keep you till we meet again!”
End Transmission…….

♫ Persephone ♫



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