Gillette Faces Backlash over Ad Campaign

‘I just want to shave, not feel bad about myself’: Conservative customers boycott Gillette in outrage over its ‘offensive and sexist’ ad about ‘toxic masculinity’

Jennifer Smith and Erica Tempesta – Daily Mail Jan 15, 2019

–> Countless men – and some women – took to Twitter to announce their boycott
–> They were outraged by the shaving brand’s recent commercial, We Believe
–> The ad calls on men to ‘be the best a man can get’ – Gillette’s tag line
–> It redefines it against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement and laments ‘toxic masculinity’
–> The ad, which was released on Monday, has divided opinion but mostly, men who have bought from it for decades are furious
–> Procter & Gamble, its parent company, is yet to suffer a business impact

Conservative customers are dumping their Gillette razors en masse in response to the company’s recent controversial ad which denounces ‘toxic masculinity’ and calls on boys to be ‘the best a man can get’. 

After the ad was released on Monday, shocked viewers took to Twitter to separate themselves from the brand. 

They felt the commercial, which invokes the tone of the past year in pop culture and the #MeToo movement to inspire men to stand up for women and equality, unfairly made out that all males were misogynist. 

Some did not go so far in their critique of it but were angry that the household name had politicized itself. 

Among the countless tweets from disgruntled and ‘disappointed’ customers were complaints such as ‘you just lost a customer’ and ‘being a man is not a disease.’ 

‘I want to shave, not feel bad about myself,’ quipped one customer. 

Not all of the complaints were from men. 

‘As the mother of 3 sons and a grandson, it is beyond offensive to me,’ wrote Denise West from Memphis, Tennessee, adding that it was a ‘pathetic example of companies pandering to political correctness at the expense of men.’

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