Is Director of Gillette Toxic Masculinity Ad a Lesbian? – Jan 16, 2019

Ad for Libresse vulva

 Libresse, the feminine hygiene brand who shocked many with their #BloodNormal campaign last year, is back with a lighter tone and far more fun in this new spot from Somesuch director Kim Gehrig with post by Time Based Arts.
According to the release, the goal of the ad is “to contribute to a more open culture where women can feel proud of what they have, can feel OK about talking about their genitals, and can care for it without feeling ashamed.”
But such ads tend to demystify and degrade women in the eyes of men.
Kim Gehrig who Gillette selected to direct the first commercial in a series making heterosexuality a pathology is a single mother and given her hatred of men and fixation on female genitals, likely a lesbian.
Below, a Reddit contributor looks at her anti-male work.
Happily, men no longer are tolerating this attack on masculinity which originates with the Illuminati bankers. “A brainwashed emotionally weak feminine man is much easier to control than a masculine independent man.”

Gillette’s Rationale

“On the 30th anniversary of its famous tagline “The Best a Man Can Get,” Gillette is taking a fresh look at what it means to be “the best.”  The company is introducing a marketing campaign and charitable program dedicated to celebrating the stories of men who are making a positive impact and inspiring other in the process.
The program-leading short film, entitled “We Believe,” was developed by Gillette’s global advertising agency Grey and directed by Kim Gehrig of production company Somesuch. It showcases Gillette’s POV of how we can work together to set the right example for the next generation of men and take positive actions that push back against bullying, sexual harassment and the “boys will be boys” mentality, changing the culture of “toxic masculinity.”
Additionally, Gillette has committed to donating $1 million per year for the next three years to non-profit organizations executing programs in the U.S. designed to help men of all ages achieve their personal “best,” changing the conversation of modern manhood for generations to come.”

Reddit Post by “Transparent” 


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