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Visible Origami – Jan 15, 2019

Dog Poet Transmitting;
Each day I observe the subtle and incremental changes of manifest life- expressed in appearances. I observe the impact of the shape shifters and the mind controllers, by the degrees of reaction and levels of submission of the public at large. There is a common theme that exists in the minds of the populace, as far as the forces of social change are concerned. People in general are disposed to go along with the majority sway on issues, which are understood differently by three basic camps. We could use the political demographics of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. The last of these is larger than once it was but all of them are under the control of cabals whose intentions are inimical to that portion of the public under their sway.
The first of these usually involves a conservative mindset. The second, a liberal mindset and the last is composed of people who believe they are making up their own minds but that is normally not the case and we can see this considering what has been happening to Normal over recent decades. Each of them contains subsets of all the others as well. The conservatives can be counted in a majority that increases as it moves to the middle of the country and the liberals increase the closer their proximity is to one of the two oceans. You could also say that the percentage of liberals is greater, the higher the density of the population is in urban locations. The bigger the city the more of them there are.
Someone once said (paraphrased to be less cumbersome) “If a man is not a liberal when he is young, he has no heart. If he is not a conservative when he is old he has no brains.” This has been wrongly attributed to Winston Churchill (quite a few quotes are). As a matter of fact, Churchill was a conservative when young and a member of the Liberal Party later on. The truth is that Churchill was neither of these. If there were an image that correctly defined him, it would be a man with his finger held aloft to read the wind. Churchill would more correctly be defined as an opportunist. Like many of his ilk, History has treated him far better than he deserved as he did a lot of rotten things.
One thing we can count on as being true is that “history is bunk”. Henry Ford said that. Perhaps this should motivate a change in another oft used phrase; “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (that’s the original wording). It should probably now be written as, “those who do not know history is bunk are condemned to believe it.”
Another great mind said, “there are lies, there are damned lies and there are statistics.” That we see in demonstration every day, when we hear or read the pronouncement of pollsters and other distorters of reality on things like gay marriage, the border wall and pretty much every hot button issue going. These days, we are told (look it up) that most of the population supports gay marriage and no doubt gender switching and every aberration going. If they don’t believe it today, they will believe it tomorrow, once it has sunk in that, according to the pollsters, they already do. We are being told that most Americans do not support the border wall. That’s bullshit, as are all the rest of the polls that generally cherry pick their respondents from the demographics that support the numbers they present you with.
Materialism will cause insanity as it progresses. It also causes stupidity and all manner of other unfortunate states of being. This can be easily observed by anyone not under the thrall of it. People being stupid- and especially becoming more stupid, is a windfall to the politicians and the moneyed class that own them. It is inarguably true that the stupider you are the easier you are led and misled. There is a reason that the Khmer Rouge sought to kill every educated person in Cambodia and that is only one of the locations this happened in.
An army of angry people, who are angry because they cannot convince themselves (not really) that their way of living is acceptable to the cosmos, are being gathered together under several banners to be the foot-soldiers in a coming war against all that is good and noble and true. Antifa is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a redux of what took place during the French Revolution and any informed astrologer can show you the parallels between there then and here now.
Embracing the call of your appetites and desires, you become vulnerable to the forces of chaos and confusion to an increasing degree; which can be measured by the distance you have separated yourself from yourself. The more people do not know who they are, the more susceptible they are to being defined by others. War is not just guns and bombs and bodies tumbling in space. War is also a conflict of ideals and lifestyles and the greater the press of materialism, the more intense is the demand by crazy people to be given license to do whatever they please. Chaos and Confusion are optimum conditions for those motivated to make a profit from them.
Materialism is also applied Satanism and the further it goes the more manifest that entity becomes. The Devil is given physical form by particular donations of essence given by those engaged in conscious and unconscious devotion to ‘it’.
For those of us not inclined to travel in this direction, we need have no concern. Whom we serve is ALWAYS more powerful than The Prince of Darkness. When one has been gifted an awareness of ‘the indwelling’, one lives in a state that is impervious to infernal force. “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”
Also… “If God be for us, who can be against us?” When we are in a condition of Fear, we imagine a greater power in what is unreal… we can even give substance to it so that, “what we fear has come upon us.” It is similar to blocking the light in such a way that the shadow cast appears far greater than that which is causing it. When one relies on temporal things, one should realize that they contain no saving grace. It is a terrible thing to be naked and powerless in the wrong place at the wrong time. Conditions and circumstances can change in the wink of an eye and… no doubt will at some point.
If what you rely on is changeless, then the ever changing temporary can have no effect on you. The whole world might go mad but of what concern is that to you if you are in the cloister of sanity? It should be our beloved vocation to bring the truth of the affair to everyone we encounter; even when our gospel is silent, this does not mean our thoughts and the sweet symphony of our hearts is also. If one is resident in the timeless serenity of the everlasting and even if one is alone in a cave at a far reach, their resonance will permeate to the ends of the Earth if maintained.
The degree to which common life has gone out of balance is much greater than may appear to a casual perspective and the response of archetypal force to this imbalance is closer than it may seem. The composition of the appearances of the world is woven out of the product of smoke and mirrors. The world is a magic show. When you see sleight of hand and other variations of smoke and mirrors, tricks of light and darkness, misdirection and the like, consider the world in which you live; it is perhaps the biggest magic act of all times and over the centuries there have emerged a number of practitioners of light and dark intention and they are still at it. Some of them have been around for a good long time. I would not call Babaji a magician. He is a great deal more than that.
We have become accustomed to the world of the senses to the degree that our sensory perceptions have overpowered the potential performance of our spiritual senses but… they are waiting there, waiting to be exercised by those with the dedication and intention required to awaken them. There are those who will tell you that certain authors are evil or in league with The Devil. Usually these people have read something somewhere and because they were already inclined to believe the worst about anybody and everybody, it didn’t take much. I’ll say it again, the devil is the way the wicked see God.
I have achieved what I was after. I am satisfied with the results of my efforts, though not nearly as much as I am going to be. If there are others who were as reckless and out of control as I have sometimes been, likely they are no longer here. Each of us has destinies, often set in motion at times some distance prior to the moment we find ourselves in. This destiny can be altered at any time that one musters the force necessary to accomplish this and… lacking possession of it themselves, can often find a source to borrow the necessary force from.
Just as one can get a loan from a temporal bank, given the necessary equity, one can also acquire a loan from a spiritual bank with the necessary equity as well. That equity is often composed of the promise of following efforts or some form of devotion and can be accessed by anyone with the requisite Faith, Certitude and Determination. Personally I am convinced of this and have ‘many reasons’ to believe it to be true. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. your philosophy.”
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