EXTREME Arctic snow sparks PANIC in Europe after ‘-33C temperature plunge’

Oli Smith – Daily Express Jan 12, 2019

Snow chaos wreaking havoc throughout Europe is set to get worse this weekend amid panic across the continent. The devastating snowfall has caused a transport crisis, stranded entire towns and left at least 21 people dead. This comes as forecasters predict that the record-setting subzero Arctic blast will continue to get worse.

Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Austria and the Baltic region are all suffering under treacherous subzero conditions this morning.

The German army has been deployed across several states to aid in clearing roads and evacuating residents.

Austria is experiencing one of its heaviest snowfall  on record, bringing large parts of the country to a standstill.

SnowploughAlexander Radlherr from Austria’s Central Institution for Meteorology said that the European snowfall is unprecedented, with such extreme weather only occurring “every 30 to 100 years”

The Austrian military even sent helicopters to blow snow off roads and treetops to reduce the risk of trees falling on roads and rails.

In other parts of Europe, temperatures plunged to a shocking -23C while 110mph blizzard winds were recorded in Norway.

Greece has seen a shocking -33C temperature plunge – with the average January temperature of 10C plunging to a record -23C in areas such as Florina.

The heavy snow has caused widespread and severe transport chaos – with flight grounded, trains halted and buses even blown off roads.

Schools and ski resorts have also been forced to close as Europe struggles to get a grip on the crisis.

The death toll yesterday reached 21 people, with road conditions, fallen trees and subzero temperatures all to blame.

Authorities have warned of the risk of avalanches in northern areas of the Norwegian mainland.

In the Swiss Alps, a huge avalanche this week crashed into a hotel, shocking guests who were sitting in the restaurant.

Witnesses described the wall of snow as 300 metres wide as it swept through the hotel.

In the German city of Chemnitz all planned burials at the local cemetery have been called off because of the snow.