Tales from the Streets

Brian Mitchell – Commentary Jan 6, 2019

I live in the UK and I was among those who wanted to help the homeless. I volunteered at my local church to do the soup run, as its called this is taking a hot soup and some bread to each of the rough sleepers in our area which at that time was about 60 maybe 70 people.
Many were soldiers who went to fight Tony Blair’s war on Iraq, there were massive demonstrations and marches in very city in the UK telling the soldiers do not go, for those that disobeyed the people, as in Vietnam in the USA, their families disowned them, these men are seen as war criminals.
What got to me was each homeless person and overall I met over 100, all were ” our ” people, English Scots Irish; no foreigners who I was told get extra benefit moneys and help.
A manager of several companies used to be one of our team, he told us the government told British industry the C.B.I. to employ foreign first, some people think they work for less money but the first thing they do is join the union to get equal pay.
We found that 2 Muslim cafe owners at the end of each day would take out hot food to the homeless, one of these men John Fraser was an ex soldier, he broke down and cried as he told us, in Iraq we were killing these people and here they are now feeding us.
John Fraser died of hypothermia over the winter period 2 years ago.
One Muslim cafe owner said it’s in the Koran that they have to feed the hungry, and he said its unsold food that at the end of the day would only be thrown away.
The government needs to address why priority is given to the countries newcomers while our own people starve on the streets like this
Brian Mitchell