Chris Pirnak–Banksters Manufacture Financial Crisis for Profit – Dec 25, 2018

financial crash
Every financial crisis is planned in advance. Chris Pirnak says this one is designed to allow the superrich to buy even more assets on the cheap.
Never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis– Niccolo Machiavelli

Every Financial Crisis is Planned in Advance

by Chris Pirnak — (

The elite banking families manufacture all financial crises for gain.
It is clear that the elites want to promulgate more quantitative-easing programs. From the view of the elites, the previous rounds of global QE have been wildly successful and they are now eager to expand the size and magnitude of their future plans. The great unwashed masses accepted QE as a necessary tool for economic and financial stability, while the alt-financial media views them as a series of desperate failures.
Indeed, the money printed will be used to prop up this system, but it also will be used by the elites to surreptitiously buy up the planet. I can imagine a world where the central banks acquire stocks, corporate bonds, our mortgages, real estate, mining and production interests, skyscrapers, bridges, shipping infrastructure, and toll roads. There is no need for this system to collapse; just the fear of collapse will allow these elites to conjure up a series of seemingly ad-hoc programs that will get their desired black horse of Revelation in place. All the while, the alt-financial media will look to the central banks as being run by a bunch of idiots.
In order to implement their unconventional monetary programs, these elites need to manufacture one crisis after another. I look at the economic dislocations, credit market implosion, manufactured geopolitical friction, and popping asset bubbles as part of the plan. Since this plan is so grand in scale it needs to be pronounced to the conspiracy’s initiates beforehand. Here is where the Federal Reserve chiefs come in useful.

Pay attention to what the US Fed chief alumni telegraph in advance


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