As This is the Solstice, Happy Birthday, Great Master, Jesus the Christ

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Dec 22, 2018

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Sitting here on this solstice day, listening to The Best of the Buffalo Springfield and… reflecting on the days fifty years ago when I used to listen to the Beatles and Bob Dylan and continuing on the theme, hear these songs and so many others; back when the creativity was aflame and the muses and inspirational angels descended down, closer to the Earth than they had been for some time. Every so often I close my mind to the world outside and listen to my dear friend, Jerry Lawson and The Persuasions. Somehow we went from Sam Cook, Stevie Wonder and all those incredible artists of Motown to this. Yeah… what a time to be living in. Every now and then someone will come by and tell me I am too judgmental about the medium. Whatever this is it isn’t music, it”s a Satanic assault against the senses and it is CALCULATED to that end.
Does anyone stop and think; “where can this all be leading?” It is very clear to me. There is no confusion in my mind about it. Everywhere I go, it’s carcinogenic food, banal and offensive entertainment and the certain knowledge that Lady Nature and the hierarchy of Heaven are not amused. “God is not mocked” and sooner or later, the seemingly, infinitely, patient Lady Nature is going to react. Within each of us there is something like a rubber band. The same applies to cultures and countries. You can only depart from Nature so far because Nature is every bit as much within you as without.You have a certain amount of flexibility and then it’s tension, then more than that and sooner or later, to paraphrase Lao Tzu, you repent of the pull. Scroll down to number 9 on the page.
There was some amount of creative beauty (and an equal amount- maybe more- of decadence) in The Yellow Nineties and then, of course The Italian Renaissance, speaking of which, I thought that this might amuse some of you. There have been times when the creative forces from Heaven filtered down into some of our lives, more than at other times. Pre-Christ Athens was really something and that was followed by those glowing centuries in Rome when certain barbaric customs weren’t the highlight of the day. One of the emperors used to roast a man in an iron bull, while the sybarites feasted; hard to imagine. However, we did get Marcus Aurelius, Plutarch (who was Greek but you had to count him as a Roman too), the remarkable historians, Tacitus, Livy and Pliny (sounds like a law firm) and so many fine and erudite philosophers. I often reflect on periods of time and the contrast between now and the once was. I’m not Minniver Cheevy in any case. One of my favorite poets, Edward Arlington Robinson also wrote Richard Cory, though, probably a lot of people now think it was Simon and Garfunkel. There once was so much beautiful literature and poetry. What happened? Now we get these celebrated poets? That is really, really BAD! There aren’t really words for how bad this is. About two million people watched this? What is it? For literature we get Fifty Shades of Horseshit?
The decadence of certain Roman Emperors, unfortunately tend to overshadow elements of brilliance in architecture and the finer arts. Except for the times of Louis Quatorze and The Enlightenment, there were a lot of dark periods in Western History- countless wars and the state of London in the times of Dickens. We tend to forget that before any of this, China had a lot of timeless culture, matched on the other end with some of the most inventive cruelties I have ever heard of, rivaling the Barbary Coast and the truly monstrous periods of Turkish exported torment; not to be confused with Turkish Taffy, although, no doubt a number of the victims probably resembled something like it after the torturers were done. Of course, emperors often got as good as they gave. They had some strange ways back in the day.
Of course, glitter and fine art were not the only by products of Dear Louis’s reign and the same can be said of all of them, considering the presence of The Medicis and Borgias here and there, as well as Caligula and Nero and assorted villains, including the aforementioned, there was Commodus, Caracalla and Thrax. You seldom hear mention of Vallens and Valentinus but they were ‘down there’ when it came to applied darkness. Then again, Cosimus Medici commissioned this deathless expression of inspired beauty. Where do we see anything like this in the present day? Here is what we see these days and you can spend a lot of time checking it out. Even lowbrows consider this shit, shit.
Once Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and Mozart and a host of others walked the earth. Now we have retarded gangsta rappers talking about ‘bitches and ho’s’ and other things like this that determine in graphic detail, the state of the culture. Once again we have to refer to Lasha Darkmoon for what is behind The Plot Against Art. At the bottom of the page you can go to Part Two. There is no doubt in my mind what is taking place and I have the easy solution and that is to move right along, there’s nothing to see here.
Yes, I spent half of this posting talking about things I see in dreams and memories and I spend a lot of time I don’t write about, congratulating myself on being an inveterate and eclectic reader on so many subjects. As a child hiding from the werewolf who lived with me and whom I could not avoid, I would climb high into fruit trees and read Twain, Kipling and sundry. I escaped into the worlds of imagination and they probably saved my life. Not that I am talking about perhaps being dead but more about being dead to the endless and breathtaking possibilities of life.
Today, I’m celebrating the birth of one of my greatest heroes, if not the greatest; Jesus Christ. I’ll continue with that right on thru the official birthday and try to remind myself that it is something I should celebrate every day of every year because somewhere, on that day, the spirit of Jesus Christ is being born in someone. It might fade away from a lack of Love and Tears or it may grow strong like that mighty oak out of the acorn, which gets mentioned now and again.
My mind is filled with so many strange references. When I was referring to the Duomo, (I have to keep giving you images of it). I was reminded that it is Hannibal Lecter’s favorite structure (grin). I was there a few years ago with my good friend, Roy. We didn’t go in anywhere. You have to make an appointment or a reservation months before to see any of the artistic wonders of Firenze. Of course you can see Michelangelo’s David , unless they moved it back inside. I spent a lot of time in The Vasarian Corridor. Roy and I bought a few pictures (surprisingly cheap) of great works of art but… no one but us was impressed by them once we got back to my place in Ostuni. We had lunch somewhere but all I remember is how hot it was and we seemed to be aimlessly trekking about. There was a feeling of oppressive atmosphere and the weight of money in this town. I can’t imagine what it must be like in season. Good God!!! This is what happens though when so many people think they want to see something. Try Venice, which I was smart enough to avoid. You can hardly move there at certain times.
People are all hopped up about seeing those castles in Spain and the spectacle of natural wonders but they spend scant time seeking out the wonders in themselves and each other, as God is incarnate in all of us; dead asleep in many cases and dreaming away. I spend so much time thinking and not thinking. It’s one or the other and I am animated by the spirit of Jesus Christ (all you have to do is claim it to make it true), whose blood paid for the age or there would have been no age. You can think of it metaphorically or literally. The majesty and magnificence of the art speaks to the reality of Jesus Christ. You need no other manifest evidence. Look at what was launched around the world over the course of thousands of years. Remember that Jesus Christ is and was emblematic of freedom in it’s highest possibilities. Heaven is the ever widening great expanse of more and more rarefied freedom, where one’s being celebrates the eternal residence of the soul, illuminated by and electrified with spirit and Hell is the bondage and confinement of the spirit, through appetites and ignorant desires in such a degree of compression that it generates more and more heat the deeper you go.
Do you realize if you simply and relentlessly keep looking for God, you will find him? This is guaranteed. That more people do not do this is because other attractions come between the person and the living light that animates them… for the purpose of such a discovery but also… for the purpose of experience and demonstration. “I think, therefore I am.” “Be still and know that I am God.” Heaven is impersonal. That is why there is no conflict or discord and the absence of these things makes a Heaven of it. In the personal, there is the endless conflicts of personalities, insisting on their preeminence but only God… invisible and eternal, possesses the preeminence over all things as the author of all things and makes no big to do about it. Remember that Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth; should you have a preference for that.
The greatest evidence as well as the greatest explanation of the nature of God is to be seen in The Sun. This is what God does. God shines all the time on everyone and in some few cases, out of them as well. The sun is truly impartial and there would be NO physical life without it. It warms us, gives life and for the sensitive soul, there is an intelligence therein that can be apprehended and I know this first hand. It is possible to see angels circling the sun in descending spirals and returning again in the same manner. One can think of The Sun as their friend and forge that very relationship. The Sun is a living being and like all stars, was once a human being, just like you and I.
Jesus Christ is clothed in the light of the spiritual sun. His body is a solar body. Of course, my simplistic statement is far from comprehensive. Jesus Christ is The Wayshower. If you’re in need of directions, he has the map. He IS the map, a vibrating and everlasting path that leads to the secret heart of all life.
Happy Birthday, Great Master!!!
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