Inside the White House April 8, 2004

(April 8, 2004} The Bush people including their troops in Congress, Justice Scalia, the warlords of the right, the Pentagon and Rupert Murdoch, the Washington Times and the National Review have all decided that we must have a draft as quickly as possible. Rove has said that even to broach this seriously before November would be suicide so it is now being set up in detail, predicated on a Bush victory. And on that subject, the Beltway rumors mills have it that the election “is in the bag.” Vote rigging is often spoken of with happiness and there is always the strong probability of an “October Surprise” to propel the tardy of support into backing Bush, our “wartime” president. Congress has the draft packages, the SS is now officially activated and the FBI has been ordered to prepare “preventive action” against potential draft dodgers and anti war activists.

Scalia, somewhat to the right of Attila the Hun, has voiced his opinion that draft dodgers can be put in Federal jails without further let or hindrance under new “emergency” acts being drawn up. A National Identity Card is being considered as a means of preventing draft dodging. How will the press handle this? Do we want to end up in a concentration camp undergoing a “patriotic rebirth?” This whole plan, which exists now on paper, is called “Operation Lexington.” Copies are marked “TOP SECRET- COSMIC” which is really a level of accession. Interesting times ahead as the Bush Blackshirts oil up their golden swastikas and try out their new black leather top boots.

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