Restrict Stock Markets to One Day a Week — Dec 20, 2018

anxious investor

It’s time to acknowledge that the stock market is a public health hazard. It’s driving millions of people crazy. 
Gambling is an addiction like cocaine. It’s time to shut it down.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Imagine the calm that would come over the world if stock markets were only open on Wednesdays so people could make adjustments to their portfolios. The rest of the time people could focus on their work and their families instead of checking their stocks every five minutes.
Brokers, analysts and financial pundits could have hobby farms, raise goats and breathe clean air.
The stock market is a giant online casino. Billions of people trade on their phones. It is a daily popularity contest. Money is made or lost based on guessing the behavior of panic-driven mobs. Brokerages hype the stocks they own and dump them.
It’s a ponzi scheme. The minute a stock goes up, people unload it. Your security is based on the whims of the herd.


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