Do Illuminati Jews Orchestrate Big Power “Conflict”? – Dec 17, 2018

Mao in meeting with Communist Jewish advisors

Mao in meeting with Communist Jewish advisors

Brabantian asks how real are the conflicts between Russia and NATO, and China and the USA. He explores what the “nationalist” model of the NWO might look like.

by Brabantian — (

How ‘real’ is the ‘big power conflict’ today or in the past?
Is a great deal of the big-power conflict staged, as Antony Sutton said regarding the USA-USSR ‘Cold War’?  With Israel helping transfer US tech to Russia during the old Soviet days?
Jews and China have a long history, with Jews quite heavily involved in Mao’s revolution from the early days, some Jews from Europe even becoming members of China’s ruling politburo – some fascinating photos and discussion of that here: The Secret Role of Jews in China
The above web page describes how Jewish figures were close aides to Mao even before he took power.
Mao with Sidney Rittenberg

Mao with Sidney Rittenberg

Polish-born Jew Israel Epstein became Mao’s powerful Minister of Appropriations handling key financial matters, & knew later Chinese leaders up through Hu Jintao. Sidney Shapiro, a politburo member, and ‘Chen Bidi’, Sidney Rittenberg, Virginius Frank Coe, Rewi Alley also served Mao closely despite being of non-Asian, Jewish origin.
The truth may be slightly complex, as with Russia. The Chabad loop includes ‘Putin’s Rabbi’ Berel Lazar, with a quick hotline to Jared Kushner’s rabbi in Washington. Yet despite all of Putin’s Chabad and Israeli connections, Jewish neo-cons are constantly attacking Russia.


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