Channeling God – Dec 15, 2018

John-RevelationGod is the Master Plan.
Humanity is reaching a tipping point.
We must dedicate ourselves to God or be destroyed

by Henry Makow  Ph.D

Forgive me for using a dirty word, “God” a term banned by the Masters of Discourse. Humanity has been taken under by Satanists who find any reference to the Creator offensive. His Design runs counter to their agenda to monopolize everything of value and enslave the masses mentally, spiritually and ultimately physically i.e. the NWO. Therefore they have brainwashed us to think anyone who believes in God is a doofus.
mac-globIncreasingly, people realize something is fundamentally wrong. The ship of state has run aground and is taking water. Indeed, if the Soros-Communist-globalist agenda is stymied, the satanist bankers may resort to “Plan B” –nuclear war, the Zionist-nationalist agenda. I’m afraid this could be where Trump is leading us. 
 We need a worldwide affirmation of God. God created the miracle of life. The only reason we don’t have heaven-on-earth is that His Will has been subverted by central bankers and their Masonic accomplices  (opportunistic politicians, media, educators etc.)
The situation is reminiscent of the fifties horror classic “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Millions have lost the ability to think independently and to discern what is truth and good. They have been inducted into a satanic cult–Communism, Illuminism–which rules by deceit, intimidation and slander.



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