Four killed as RI’s Mer-C ambulance hit by U.S. missile

JAKARTA (JP), April 14, 2004 – An ambulance of the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (Mer-C) donated by Indonesia was shot by a missile launched from a U.S. jet fighter in Fallujah, Iraq, killing four people, news reports said on Wednesday.

“The ambulance’s driver and three patients who had been evacuated were killed as a missile launched from the U.S. jet fighter hit them. The ambulance was blasted to pieces,” Joserizal Jurnalis, the chairman of the Mer-C, told Republika on Tuesday.

Joserizal said the incident occurred last Friday at noon after Abu Ibrahim, the driver who was a Jordanian volunteer for Merc-C, had just evacuated the three victims.

He said that the organization would lodge a strong protest against the U.S. government via the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia.