Satanists are contemptuous of our political docility and credulity – Dec 11, 2018

Cucked Westerners deserve enslavement. Click ed enlarge

Cucked Westerners deserve enslavement. Click ed enlarge

“Modern Australia began as an outdoor prison and that’s what its people will have again,” writes Aloysius Fozdyke, a longtime member of Sydney’s satanist Alpha lodge. “Australians will be the first people to give away a very wealthy continent without a bullet being fired or a dollar changing hands.”
Here Aloysius Fozdyke thanks me for helping him to get his message out. Why do I do it?
  1. He confirms what I have been saying and no one wants to hear because they are too brainwashed, venal and craven.
  1. He is not a Jew but a Satanist, proof that the humanity is mired in a broad satanic conspiracy.  Eliminating Jews would change nothing as long as Freemasons remain in charge.
Both Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are tools of the satanist Masonic Jewish central banking cartel. Nothing will change until national governments take control of their own credit and currency and banking systems.

by Aloysius Fozdyke — ( 

Thank you for publishing Australia has been gifted to China. The reason I email is to advise that we know you have a large, international readership and we were waiting to see what reaction would occur after that information was released. Nothing! That’s how we achieve our ends. This is why nothing can and no one will stop us. We succeed on the inherent and self evident apathy of the masses. Works every single time. By the time Australians wake up – if they ever do – there’ll be nothing left to wake up to.
The myth of ‘the brave, bronzed Aussie’ is simply that, a self-satisfying myth. For the last twelve years every vote by every Australian has been for the Chinese Communist government. They intend to keep Australia as a farm and quarry, with facial recognition cameras for safety and their Social Credit system to ensure compliance. Modern Australia began as an outdoor prison and that’s what its people will have again. They have so few rights and liberties that they won’t miss these when they’re gone, because it’s better to live on your knees than to die on your feet.


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