Men are Increasingly Hostile Against Women — Dec 8, 2018

The largest mass shooting in Canadian history. Click to enlargeMark: Womyn Reap What They Sow 
“If women want to be independent, they can defend themselves, Mark, a middle-aged Scottish forester, said in response to  Young Men Cowered While Young Women Were Murdered
His complete response below and others, (see JJ’s) reveal  a backlash against anti-male propaganda, laws and the general feminization of society. An anger is building against women, but better directed at the people who brainwashed them in the magnificent psyop called feminism.

by Mark — (

You state: “These women said they were not feminists but no man came to their defence. This is truly emblematic of our decline. For example, have European men come to the defence of women and children in places like Germany and Sweden?”
Why would they?
female empowermentFor the last 50 years, feminism and the “I need a man like a fish needs a bicycle” mantra has been rammed down men’s throats. How many young men have seen their fathers destroyed by women in divorce courts? How many young men see men destroyed in the msm, ridiculed, laughed at, always made to look the fool in TV while women are lauded and magnified? How many young men have seen fellow men’s lives ruined from false rape allegations, with nothing, whatsoever, happening to the women responsible?
The reality is that men have been conditioned to not see themselves as the protectors and the providers. Had men decided to get up to protect the women, it would have sent out a message that men are stronger than women, something that the MSM and academia do its best to extinguish. Feminism, for example, has been saying that men and women are not different at all.  Therefore, Henry, it is clear that women should not be given preference, over men, when it comes to hostages and those needed rescuing first. To do so would be a sexist act promoting women to be inferior to men.
Feminism is not a case of ‘pick & mix’. You either believe in feminism fully or not at all. You can’t say “women are stronger than men” and then when the going gets tough resort to “I need a man to put himself in the line of fire to protect me”.
The reality is that any woman who chooses a career over motherhood and dutifully obeying her husband is a feminist, regardless whether they say they are not. An independent woman is a feminist and having a career is being independent.
As for Sweden, well, if you were a man there, literally being pilloried and lambasted for being a man, by a dominant matriarchal society would you really go to the aid of a Swedish woman, who had voted to allow mass immigration into her land? I for sure wouldn’t.
“So shall they sew, so shall ye reap” as the saying goes and Swedish women voted for their own demise the minute they decided to think mass immigration was a good idea, along with taking unnatural authority over a man. I have also read that in Sweden, they are even grading rape. To show just how pathetic the feminists are, they now state “indigenous Swedish male rape is worse than immigrant rape.”



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