The Short Road To Chaos And Destruction

An Expose of the Federal Reserve Banking System

Many consider the author of the following article a near legend. Gunther Russbacher flew George Bush across the Atlantic in ‘Operation October Surprise’, and it was Russbacher who gave attorney Paul Wilcher the information on Waco featured in the Wilcher Report. The son of one of the CIA’s founders and a veteran of 29 years in the CIA Russbacher was privy to much that was kept hidden from the general public; known as the ‘Company Banker’ he was also well placed to know about the darker side of banking and the financial system in general. More importantly though it should be noted that much of what follows applies not only to America. The same principles that govern the banking system in the USA apply across the planet; thus the Bank of England operates in much the same way that the Federal Reserve does in the US: essentially both are privately owned institutions which literally create money out of nothing and then lend it to the government of the day . . . to repaid with interest.

This should be borne in mind, for when Russbacher addresses what he calls ‘American citizens’ or ‘patriots’ he could be talking to anyone of any nationality. For we all live under the same system of financial governance, no matter where we were born. Moreover readers should be aware that this article was written in the aftermath of Waco and whilst Russbacher was being held in custody without charge. In effect Russbacher was being held as a political prisoner while the article itself was written by hand in the Missouri State penitentiary where he was being held at the time. Ed


The story of my investigation into the One-World monetary cabal begins in the elevator at Langley Center, (Headquarters for the Central Intelligence Agency in McLean, Virginia.) I had just finished a field exercise designed to certify me for further operations status. I had narrowly passed.

On the elevator, a friend invited me to join him and three others for dinner. Knowing that my plane wasn’t due out until 0800 hours the following morning, I accepted. I needed a shower, so I hurriedly walked to my car and began the drive back to the city. It was a sweltering day in the Capitol. The air appeared to stand still. Mosquitoes angrily attacked anything that moved on the hot pavement. Little did I suspect, as I drove back to my hotel, that tonight’s dinner was going to be more than just a friendly gathering.

After a shower, shave and fresh clothes, I arrived at the restaurant. I arrived early so I could have a drink and check out the place. I made my way through the restaurant, heading for the bar. Hopefully no one noticed my surprise when I saw the group who had already gathered. It was a weekend, the place should have been empty. But it was filled with high-level government types, most of whom I knew. My friend from work was already in the bar. Judging from the half-filled drink in his hand, he had arrived early with the same intent in mind. The three others he mentioned this afternoon were with him.

After exchanging the usual, banal forms of greetings, we were led into the dining room. Over hors d’oeuvres I realized that I was in the midst of a serious meeting. The others who were present (with the exception of one man, who was employed by one of the wire services,) were all top echelon government employees. Together we represented the elite of the investigative and intelligence communities. You didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that something more than dinner was going on here. To slam home the point, a guy from State, (the State Department) read us our evening’s agenda. We were apprised that dinner would be brief so we should eat fast. A helicopter would pick us up and take us to a SPECIAL MANUFACTURING plant.

Not knowing when we’d eat again, we followed his suggestion and ate quickly, in studied silence. We were soon told that the helicopters were waiting, ready to take us deep into the Maryland countryside. We left the table and boarded, still not knowing where we were going or why.

The flight was thankfully uneventful and the craft softly deposited us on the lawn in front of the corporate offices of a large manufacturing plant. I offered the guess that the firm was considering an expansion or maybe desired a government contract. Possibly they were looking for government assistance to fund their current projects. At that point, all speculations were pure conjecture.

It was plain to all of us that we were on the scene as representatives of our respective bureaus and agencies. The meeting was to be with various high corporate officials, along with members of a U.S. Senator’s office and the mayor’s office of a large Maryland metropolis.

After receiving an impressive tour of the facility, one of the members of our group asked why the firm was planning such a major expansion. The corporate official in charge of the tour replied, “We are one of three companies being considered by the United States Treasury Department to build the printing presses that will print the new U.S. currency.”

We all looked at each other. The expressions on our faces said it all. “What new U.S currency?” Not a word was spoken. We were as speechless at that moment as we would have been if we had been lobotomised by the painless methods of chemical ingestion. Here we were, all of us high level government officials, learning about the planned new currency without any warning or introduction. It was almost as if the information had been purposely leaked to us through the grapevine… through a private, non-governmental source. The corporate official, when probed about the matter, and unorthodox manner of approach, claimed he didn’t know much beyond what he had already told us.

When I returned to my office at Langley the following day, I couldn’t help but wonder what last night was all about. I entered the entire proceedings into my Weekly Assessment Report, known within our circles as the “WAR” reports. Over the next several weeks I spent a great deal of time investigating the proposed printing of the new currency and the purpose behind it. I discovered soon enough that others were asking questions as well. (One of those individuals was Congressman Ron Paul of Texas who served on the Congressional committee dealing with the Treasury Department on this particular matter.)

In essence, I had learned that the plans to issue a new currency were international in scope; at least a dozen major countries were planning, or had specific plans, for coming out with new money. They included Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Brazil and several others.

I engaged my network to gather information on these proposed changes. Soon the information began flowing into my terminal. The picture began to clear. Several of the aforenamed countries had already issued new currencies, in various denominations. Most of these new currencies had two things in common…they had bare spots, about the size of a fifty cent coin, usually on the left-hand side of the bill. Upon closer inspection of these currencies, it was evident that they also contained metallic filament or element strips, enabling special devices to detect the currencies as they passed through airports or across international boundaries.

If the currencies are held over a light, a three-dimensional image (hologram) becomes apparent in the blank spot. The images, barely visible to the naked eye, are seemingly always of prominent world figures, and cannot be reproduced on copiers. The effort to create the “new money” was internationally coordinated.

Rumour had it that these currencies would later receive a common image linking them together in an international monetary system. Several years have passed since I first learned about the proposed new currency. Although it has been printed, and is stored in Treasury vaults, the actual issuance of the currency has, for some unknown reason, been delayed. Based upon my information as a member of the United States Intelligence community, it seems clear that, if we were to enter into a world government in the near future, the first step, from a monetary standpoint would include the establishment of an international currency system.

It must be stated that due to the rapid advances in electronic banking technology and the proven willingness of consumers to quickly adapt to these changes, the chances of by-passing the new currencies and going directly to an electronic (cashless) system are increasing exponentially. If the powers that be perceive the public to be ready and prepared for such a move, I believe they wouldn’t hesitate to make this jump all at once, even in spite of the large investment that has already been made in the new currency. (See footnote. Ed.)

If this were to be the case, the main focus of international finance would, without doubt, shift toward promoting international debit cards, which already are gaining widespread acceptance because of their convenience. Long time antagonists of these cards, such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland, have always believed in a true cash and carry society. They have already, with great regret, lost the battle to the debit card banking schemes.

To make a purchase, the card is passed through a scanning device. After making a positive identification, your bank account or credit account is automatically charged or debited with the amount of the purchase. The willingness of consumers to accept such a single card for worldwide use is already past the test market stage. Even my household has not been spared. We have received the new AT&T card that is being promoted by the intriguing commercial…”One World, One Card.” The implications are most clear. Big Brother is at our very door. However, THIS Big Brother, should not be confused with Orwell’s; for it is not the Big Brother of our national government, but rather and more ominous…it is BIG BROTHER of world-wide proportions.

Once such debit/credit cards have gained world-wide acceptance, everything would be in place for the next and final step, which would be to force each individual to be tagged with a personal identification code without which he would be unable to buy or sell. The technology for such a worldwide electronic system is already in place, and experiments with such a mark have already been conducted in several countries.

Other developments are underway as well. In the not too distant future, products on our grocery shelves may become labelled with an invisible bar code. The Universal Product Code (UPC), which most of us have complained is an eye sore on product packaging, will no longer be visible. It will still be there, however, only the scanner will be able to read it. Once the transition to an invisible code begins to take place, it will only be a matter of time before humans are tattooed with a similar mark.

Wake up America! The implications to personal freedom are staggering! I emphasize the tattoo in order to bring this discussion down to a personal level. If the globalist cabal has their way, their system will become operational by 1994. To understand how all this fits together, it’s important to understand some of the finer points of monetary history.

Recently passed interstate banking laws have made this global centralization possible by allowing strength and swallow mergers. I am saying that many of the smaller banks have been virtually eaten by the big ones…at an alarming rate.

Over a 12 state region stretching from New York to the Carolinas, only three New York superbanks control over 85% of all banking assets. The same can be said for the First Interstate System, which is now in place from the Pacific West to the middle of the heartland of America. The writing is on the wall, surely it is finally going to be read.

I had ample opportunity to study the American banking system while serving as an operative for the Central Intelligence Agency’s Proprietary Operations Division. After all, we had not only served as members of boards of directors, but also more so, held outright ownership of a number of Savings and Loan institutions. I was well in the know, but even I was shocked to realize that I had merely scratched the surface on the national and international banking plot.

I discovered that the SAME forces behind the big bank mergers, already controlled the American banking industry, via the Federal Reserve System. This has been the case ever since the Fed’s establishment in 1913. Contrary to public belief, the Federal Reserve is NOT a government institution. It is a privately held corporation owned by stockholders. Until a few years ago, however, the names of those who owned the Federal Reserve were one of the best kept secrets of international finance, due to a provision of the Federal Reserve Act which stated that the identities of the Fed’s Class A stockholders cannot be revealed.

In our circles it became widely known that the Fed’s principle owners, or stockholders, as they prefer to be called, were the ROTHSCHILD banks of London and Berlin; LAZARD BROTHERS Banks of Paris; ISRAEL MOSES SEIF Banks of Italy, WARBURG Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; LEHMAN BROTHERS Bank of New York; and GOLDMAN, Sachs Banks of New York; KUHN, Loeb Bank of New York; CHASE MANHATTAN Bank of New York. These interests own and operate the Federal Reserve System through approximately three hundred stockholders, all of whom are very well known to each other, and frequently are related.

This can be understood better by knowing that a great deal of manoeuvring and deception accompanied the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. The original proposal, calling for a central bank operated by insiders and private interests, was presented by Nelson Aldrich, (the maternal grandfather of today’s Rockefeller brothers,) and was known as the Aldrich Bill. This bill was narrowly put down, but was soon reintroduced and passed as the Federal Reserve Act, (officially known as the Owens Glass Act.)

Because of the way in which the Federal Reserve System was designed by its founder, whoever controlled the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, essentially controlled the entire system. For all practical purposes the Federal Reserve Bank of New York IS the Federal Reserve. Currently, more than ninety of the 100 largest banks in the United States are located within this district.

Class A stockholders control the entire Federal Reserve System by owning the stock of the largest member banks in the New York Federal Reserve Bank. This controlling interest is held by fewer than a dozen international banking establishments, only four of which are factually based in the United States. The rest of the outlaying interests are European, with the most influential of these being the Rothschild family of London.

Each of the American interests is in some way connected to this family. Included among these are the Rockefellers who are by far the most powerful of the Fed’s American stockholders. (The Rockefeller holdings in the Federal Reserve are primarily through Chase Manhattan Bank.) Through their U.S. and European agents, the Rothschilds would go on to finance the Rockefeller Standard Oil dynasty, the Carnegie Steel empire, as well as the Harriman railroad system. The Rockefeller, who later became intermarried with the Carnegies, would go on to finance many of America’s leading capitalists, through Chase Manhattan and Citibank, both of which have long been Rockefeller family banks. Many of these families would also become intermarried with the Rockefeller so that by 1937 one could trace “an almost unbroken line of biological relationships from the Rockefeller through one-half of the wealthiest sixty families in the nation.”

Owing much of their wealth to the Rockefeller, these families have become loyal allies of the “family”. The Rockefeller, on the other hand, owing their enormous fortune to the Rothschild banking empire, have for the most part remained true and loyal to them and to their European interest. As a direct result of this chain, much of America’s corporate wealth is ultimately traceable to the old money of Europe and the ONE-WORLD INTERESTS of its members.

In order to bring the reader up to speed, and make the connection between the new currency, the international debit/credit card, the Federal Reserve System and the New World Order, it is imperative to present a little American History within this report.

In 1911, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Standard Oil had in fact, long been in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Law. However, the problem goes back all the way to 1890, where Standard Oil of Ohio, owned by John D. Rockefeller was refining more than 90% of all American crude oil and was well on its way to international expansion politics. Although J.D. and his family were the repeated subjects of congressional investigations for anti-trust violations and criminal conspiracy, the investigations had little or no effect on the family’s business or progress. They always managed to stay a step ahead of the federal government. The law was not able to thwart such illicit manoeuvring. The American peoples’ hands were tied.

It is worth noting that the 1911 action did indeed cause the Rockefeller family empire a certain amount of legal difficulties. It brought them into the United States District Courts. A verdict was found in favour of the government. The firm had to be split and many of the peripheral firms sold off. The holding company was dissolved, its shares distributed among thirty-three companies in an attempt to break up the monopoly. However, it soon became evident that all of the new companies were owned by the same people (J.D. Rockefeller had 25% of stock in each of the new firms), “and that there wasn’t a shred of competition among ANY OF THEM!”

Offshoots of the original Standard Oil Trust included Standard Oil of New Jersey (today EXXON), Standard Oil of New York (today MOBIL), Standard Oil of California (today operates under its name and Chevron), Standard Oil of Indiana (DX-BORON), Standard Oil of Ohio (SOHIO), Standard Oil Company, Phillips 66, and many lesser known others.

In 1966 (data supplied from my “company”, as a result of congressional investigation headed by U.S. Representative Wright Patman of Texas,) it was discovered that four of the world’s seven largest oil companies were under the direct ownership and/or control of the Rockefeller family. According to an earlier Operations Reports, the largest of these, Standard Oil of New Jersey (EXXON), alone controlled 321 other major corporations, including Humble Oil and Venezuela’s OREOLE Petroleum; themselves among the largest oil corporations in the world.

By 1975, the Rockefeller had gained control of the single largest block of stock in Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) and were believed to be in control of TEXACO as well. (Therefore, it must be assumed that the extremely large suit and judgement against Texaco was merely a put-on for the public, and not a true verdict. Consider the true premise of a parent company bringing suit against its darling daughter.) It was further noted that the Rockefeller’s were operating major joint ventures with Royal Dutch Shell, which was already in the hands of European one-world interests. I am specifically referring to the Dutch Royal Family. It was Queen Juliana who was the sole owner of Shell. Upon her daughter’s (Beatrice) marriage to Klaus (Germany), she divested herself of the interests in Royal Dutch Shell. Substantial interests were offered and sold through Credit Anstalt Bank Verein, as well as Union Bank of Switzerland.

However, our article deals with global strategists from both sides of the Atlantic. It should have seemed obvious to any American that major problems were to be encountered with the continuation of the Fed System. Ever since the founding of the Federal Reserve, consistent efforts have been made by conservatives of both houses of Congress to have their leaders put a stop to the Fed and to the dark forces behind it. With the passing of each decade, there was at least one valiant attempt to expose the already well-known conspiracy.

Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Sr., the father of the famous aviator, was among those who fought the passage of the dark Act and later managed to raise an investigation into the cartel. His life was made extremely difficult as a direct result of crying for such investigation. Lindbergh had openly yelled his warning to Congress and to the American people. It was all to no avail. No one would hear his cry in the wilderness.

It must be noted that Lindbergh’s efforts to expose the plot were followed by those of Congressman Louis T. McFadden, who chaired the House Banking and Currency Committee for a ten-year period. During his tenure, three attempts were made on his life. First, he was shot in Washington, D.C., and then his food was poisoned. The third attempt was unfortunately successful. His mysterious death occurred while on a visit to New York City. The cause of death, as listed on the death certificate, was given as “heart failure”, although more than enough evidence pointed to poisoning. It is my proffered opinion that members of the cartel poisoned Mr. McFadden. Without proper court orders demanding the exhumation and forensic pathology tests, we shall never know the true story.

During the 1950’s, Congressman Carroll Reese of Tennessee headed what became known as the Reese Committee. The Committee was charged with conducting a thorough investigation of the (then) major tax-exempt foundations linked to the international money cartel. The investigation centered on those foundations and trusts actually owned and controlled by the Rockefeller, Fords and Carnegies, and well as the Guggenheim foundations. The findings regarding the wealth and absolute power of these foundations were so traumatically overwhelming that many in Congress found the information difficult to believe. That disbelief, was the door opener for the continuation of the Machiavellian machinations within the money industry.

The disbelief and resultant inaction was also indirectly responsible, for allowing Agency personnel to defrock the already threatened Banking and Savings industry. The implementation of this defrocking, thanks to Congressional Oversight Committees, was easily attained. Please bear in mind, though, that the raping of the American financial institutions began long before the Agency entered the picture.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Congressman Wright Patman of Texas also investigated manipulations by these foundations, trusts and the Federal Reserve. Using his influence as Chairman of the House Banking Committee and later as the Chairman of other important committees, he repeatedly tried to expose the so called “One World Plot” by calling for audits of the Federal Reserve, and even trying to have the Act repealed. However, the findings of each of his committees, for some strange reason, were unable to attract any attention from the media. Patman, and others who have gone after and before him, frequently stated and vented his frustration over this lack of press and media coverage. On one occasion he stated, “our exposes of the Federal Reserve Board are shocking and scandalous, but they are only printed in the daily Congressional Record, which is read by very few people.”

In the 1970’s and the 1980’s, Congressman Larry McDonald was the one who spearheaded the efforts against the Bush version of the New World Order. In 1976 he wrote the introduction to the “Rockefeller File”, a book exposing the Rockefeller’ financial holdings and secret intentions. The book supposedly revealed that the Rockefeller had as many as two hundred trusts and foundation type organizations, and that the actual number of such foundations controlled by the family might well number into the thousands. Such control IS possible because Rockefeller banks, such as Chase Manhattan, have become the trustees for many other U.S. foundations as well; possessing the right to invest and to vote the capital and common stock of these institutions–through the trust department of the bank.

McDonald did everything in his power to warn the American public. However, as usual, the attempt was to no avail. He stated unequivocally, that the Rockefeller intended to control “–first our own country, and then the world!” He went on to state. “Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, yes I do. I am convinced there is a plot, national and international.”

McDonald’s warning was written on legal congressional letterhead and was dated November, 1975. During the ensuing years, frustrated by the media’s refusal to report his findings, he began, like others and myself, to take his message to the streets by speaking out against these forces publicly to anyone who would listen to him. McDonald’s courageous efforts came to an abrupt end on August 31, 1983 when he was killed aboard the Korean Airliner 007 flight, which “accidentally” strayed over Soviet airspace and was “accidentally” shot down.

Today, as with many other true patriots, very little remains of his fight for freedom. Critical information does kill the holder. The chance of a U.S. Congressman being aboard a commercial airliner shot down by the Soviet military, is less than one in a billion. Depending on the variables entered into the equation, the numbers may very well be higher and greater still. You, the public, are expected to believe that it was pure coincidence, just as we are supposed to believe that the recent (1991) deaths of Senator John Heinz and former Senator John Tower, in two separate crashes were “pure” coincidence as well.

Tower had been an outspoken critic of the “Eastern Establishment” (a euphemism for ONE WORLD ORDER), even though he had himself been associated with such organizations. He had a very strong sense of right and wrong, particularly on matters concerning national security. He was well known for “bucking” the tide. This backfired on him with deadly results when certain members of Congress, loyal to the Regan(Reagan) and Bush faction of the Intelligence Community (Faction #1), banded together against him in a smear campaign which resulted in the denial of Tower’s confirmation as U.S. Secretary of Defence.

Outraged over the undocumented allegation made to slander his name, Tower began the book writing process so feared in Washington circles. His controversial book heavily criticizes his old crony pals in Congress. His death in a plane crash on April 5, 1991 came very shortly after the book was released.

One day earlier (April 4, 1991), Senator John Heinz died in a blazing plane crash near Philadelphia. The official reports state that the plane’s landing gear had suddenly malfunctioned. A helicopter was sent up to check out the gear, only to end up (allegedly) crashing into the plane itself. We are really stretching the “coincidence theory” when we state that two freak accidents occurred in One! First, the landing gear fails, and then the rescue aircraft slams into the plane. No one should make book as to the veracity of such obviously slanted and untrue reports.

Heinz and Tower had both been members of a prominent One-World society known as the Council on Foreign Relations, the CFR. Both had served on powerful Senate banking and finance committees, and had known a great deal about the matters discussed in this article. I suppose the obvious question must read…”could they have known too much?” I submit that they in fact…knew too much! Both were very astute when it came to matters of monetary policy and the implementation of foreign policy. Yes, without doubt, they knew too much. Although accidents do happen, how much longer are we supposed to believe that all of these “so called” accidents are mere coincidence?

Since the earlier death of Congressman Larry McDonald, Senator Jesse Helms has led many efforts to expose the plot. Although Mr. Helms has recently been required to undergo extensive cardiovascular surgery, nothing appears to have happened to him, YET! I am quite certain that Mr. Helms would appreciate the combined prayer of Americans who are concerned for the truth as well as his safety.

The vivid remarks and statements of Senator Helms, like those of his predecessors, have been entered into the Congressional Record, without receiving any network coverage. Regretfully, the only attention Mr. Helms manages to garner in the press is in the form of public ridicule over his conservative voting record. It must be noted here, that the major threat to the American way of life transcends labels like Conservative and Liberal. Those who valiantly try to protect the way of life that Americans love and cherish are the new American patriots. They come from all backgrounds, Republican, Democrat, Liberal and Conservative.

The American people must wake up immediately and realize that the “Labels” applied to them are merely a way of dividing and conquering. One has only to remember the 1992 republican convention and its blatant attempt to divide and conquer the American people with obvious divisive and untrue statements. Wake up America and understand why the “One World Elite” needs to label groups. As an example, when the women’s movement began to gain momentum and presented problems to the entrenched elite, a way had to be found to neutralize the power of the women’s movement. Women who join together and fight for common causes such as childcare, health care and education are a formidable force. To keep such a powerful force from taking over government, the “think tanks” created the solution…divide and conquer. Turn women against each other and they will never be able to become a powerful political force. The method they chose to divide and conquer the growing women’s movement was abortion. Other methods are employed in other areas…first label, then divide, then conquer. My lengthy digression can be summed up in one sentence: Forget all the old labels, become American patriots…it’s the only way to save America.

Source: www. and the Wilcher Report

The switch from real money in various national currencies to the electronic transfer of funds is fast becoming a reality. To quote from patent papers recently filed with the U.S. patents office… “A method is presented for facilitating sales transaction by electronic media. A bar code or a design is tattooed on an individual. Before the sales transaction can be consummated, the tattoo is scanned with a scanner. Characteristics about the scanned tattoo are compared to other tattoos stored on a computer database in order to verify the identity of the buyer. Once verified, the seller may be authorized to debit the buyers electronic bank account in order to consummate the transaction. The seller’s electronic bank account may be similarly updated.”
“… that none may buy or sell unless they bear the mark of the beast …” ? Ed.