ISIS mastermind’s deputy found cowering in underground tunnel with gold bars and cash

Chris Hughes – Daily Mirror Dec 3, 2018

Osama Awaid Al-Ibrahim, otherwise known as Abu Zeid. Click to enlarge

Osama Awaid Al-Ibrahim, otherwise known as Abu Zeid. Click to enlarge

Islamic State mastermind Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s deputy was caught cowering in a tunnel under a house in Syria preparing to blow himself up.

Osama Awaid Al-Ibrahim, or Abu Zeid, was hiding in an underground passage with 20 mobile phones, 80 gold ingots and a huge wad of cash.

He surrendered after being talked out by his sister and was arrested by the US-led coalition and Syrian Democratic Forces in Al-Tayyana, east of the Euphrates river.

The former Syrian officer defected in the civil war and joined al-Qaeda, then Islamic State.

It was also reported that Dhef Al-Melash, who served as a public relations officer for the terror group, has been seized.


Commentary – Dec 3, 2018

This speaks volumes about Islamic State’s (ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) leaders and what really motivates them. These are not men who are motivated by ideology or faith. What could better illustrate this than the fact than the former Syrian officer who had defected to join ISIS was found hiding with gold and cash.
Rather than meeting his maker like a real jihadist is supposed to, Abu Zeid opted for the easy way out.
However, this says much about the ongoing “War on Terror” too.
Abu Zeid’s immediate superior and Islamic State’s overall leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is also reported to be far from the ideal Islamic militant. He is in fact reported to be a Jewish-Mossad agent with a penchant for expensive watches.
Faith in the value of material goods seems to be something both men had in common. It also suggests that Abu Zeid would be more than ready to strike a deal with his captors.
Indeed, right now he could even be negotiating a deal with the Americans on how he could best serve them. Ed.