Taking Away Women’s “Rights”

Henrymakow.com – Dec 1, 2018

Only by restoring male authority over women, families and society can the West be saved from demographic collapse and replacement, according to Michael Berg, an Israeli engineer who is not Jewish. (An Aryan, he is moving to Russia.) To reverse the social ravages caused by feminism, women need a material incentive to be wives and mothers again.
(Disclaimer- I present Berg’s radical views for the sake of discussion. They may be too radical even for me.)
“Society must lower female opportunity one or two steps back in order to motivate women to actually “need” men for provision and thus marriage.  All the rights given to women since first wave feminism in 1920 must go.”
“White Women’s rights must be taken away in order to save the White race. If they won’t be taken away White society will collapse – demographically & economically – anyway and once that happens (as there would be no government to enforce feminism) women will lose their “right” anyway as Patriarchy is the natural order. So it’s better to take women’s rights NOW and avoid the misery that a societal collapse (and civil war) would cause. Millions of lives can be saved. If White men won’t take their women’s rights Nature will see to it that Muhammad will.”

by Michael Berg — (henrymakow.com) 

I am a 33-year-old male. Happily married to a beautiful woman. I have three beautiful little girls aged three and younger.
My previous article was about White Genocide. I showed how the ethnic Germans (I am of German descent) and the White race as a whole are being destroyed by non-White immigration and miscegenation.  Feminism and the male response, MGTOW (Men going their own way) are also a cause for the demographic crisis. Only by stopping feminism and lowering women’s rights and privileges to a sensible level can we stop the MGTOW trend and make marriage attractive and viable again.
I understand my MGTOW friends. Women have been relieved of their responsibilities and given advantages over men. They were empowered at the expense of men which makes any relationships difficult and risky for men.  Only by restoring male authority over women, families and society can the West be saved from demographic collapse and replacement.



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