Australia Has Been Gifted to China — Nov 26, 2018

Australia a Concealed Colony but soon to be a Chinese Colony


Correspondent Aloysius Fozdyke, a prominent member of Sydney’s satanist Alpha Lodge, who warned of Satanist control worldwide, writes:
“It was decided a long time ago that Australia as a continent is just too good for white trash and the trash agrees with us. Fiji will be Chinese by 2025 and Australia by (probably before) 2040. We work on the ignorance and stupidity of Aussies and when you have something as powerful and unmoving as that behind you it is impossible to fail.”
(dedicated to Dr. Stephen Ward)

by Aloysius Fozdyke — (

ownedAs Aussies love their Westminster appointed queen and know nothing about the system of laws – British, European or International – which establish and govern their political system, Aussies will continue in their ignorance to allow the governments which Aussies believe are acting in their interests to divest Australia from Australians and hand it to the Chinese government. Last financial year (2016-2017) the Chinese increased their land holdings in Australia by ten times – 1000%!
To have been this successful in allowing the Australian people to disenfranchise themselves and give away the future we relied upon self-interested and ignorant politicians, the fact that constitutional law is not well taught in Australia, a self-serving judiciary only concerned with securing and keeping their superannuation together with a compliant media. It just wasn’t that hard.


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