Israeli Argues for a White Europe – Nov 23, 2018


This is what Germans look like

The satanic Masonic Jewish world banking cartel have always regarded people of European ancestry as their primary opponent because of their Christian heritage and values. This is why they instigated two catastrophic world wars. Now they are hammering the last nails into the coffin of Western Civilization by inundating the West with migrants. 
Disenfranchised and dispossessed, Europeans are slandered as “racists” if they even notice this vicious attack on their identity. Every people deserves to thrive in their own country.
Michael Berg, an Israeli who is not Jewish and is moving to Russia,  sings the praises of the White race and sounds the alarm.

by Michael Berg — (

Many White Europeans have accepted their genocide via immigration. They have lost their sense of identity as a distinct racial and ethnic group with unique physical characteristics and behavioural tendencies.
Indeed, Europeans are being erased so effectively that people around the world are having a hard time recognizing that, throughout history, Europe has been racially White and that the “browning” of Europe via non-White immigration is only a recent phenomenon. It did not exist up until the early 1960s.
As a person who just recently found his true Aryan identity (I am German by blood), I am very worried by the current trend.
It’s very much like the boiling frog fable. First non-White immigration into Europe in the 1960s and 1970s was justified under the guise of “guest workers”. Then the excuse was “family reunion”. Then came the excuse “Aging population” (which is also engineered by the Illuminati Feminist movement). Now the excuse is “refugees”.  Different excuses who all lead toward the same goal – the ethnic, racial and cultural genocide of the native European population.

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